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For Adventists in these last days just before the close of probation we need the Spirit of Prophecy, what about those Adventists that reject Ellen White? Will they be included in the remnant? Will they recieve the seal of God or the mark of the beast?

2Ch 20:20 Believe in the LORD your God, so shall you be established; believe his prophets, so shall you prosper.

There will be a hatred kindled against the testimonies which is satanic. The workings of Satan will be to unsettle the faith of the churches in them, for this reason: Satan cannot have so clear a track to bring in his deceptions and bind up souls in his delusions if the warnings and reproofs and counsels of the Spirit of God are heeded.-- Letter 40, 1890. {1SM 48.4}

Where do you stand?

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How true. The image is certainly out there and it is justified at times.
The Bible is the source. Anyting else magnifies the Bible. Belief in the Bible is the key.
If you take the stand of predicting the end fate of those around you; you also become a prophet and a judge. Do not thread on dangerous ground as some in the past who have judged who will be lost, and who will be saved. God alone is the Judge. We are told that the Lord works in mysterious ways. No one should ever say that someone who accepts the Bible, and does not accept the sop is lost. Many who believe the Scriptures feel that the Word of God is sufficient for their salvation. Some are like myself who believe that God is an All-powerful, and awesome God. We believe that He was able to create Adam and Eve naked and without shame. If you tell me the only way that God could do this would be to cover their nakedness with bright light; then, you have limited God's Power. If we allow ourselves to limit the power of God than we make ourselves idols to be worshiped with and above God. The sop is not necessary for those who have found worship 'In Spirit and Truth'. Become involved in the Great Commission instead of the Great Controversy. Christ left us a mandate to give the Good News of the Gospel to the whole world. Unfortunately, now the Church harbors fanatics who believe that the mandate is to tell the world what sinners those Catholics are and what they are going to do to God's remnant church in the near future. These people salivate everytime they hear something about Sunday legislation because they are more interested in sayin "aha! see, our prophet was right" rather than saying the whole world has been blessed by the Greatest Gift of all Time...GRACE. It is easy to become a fear monger and a hate monger by traveling down the demonic pathway of becoming an accuser like the one who stands at the throne accusing the Saints day and night. Let's all avoid becoming fanatics who spew out venom instead of theAntidote. Let us examine ourselves and see where we stand. Do we spend more time memorizing the sop or the WOC(Words of Christ). Do we live by the sop, or the teachings of Christ. Do we say evertime a problem or question comes into our daily life 'What did Jesus Say?'; or do we say 'Well what did Sister White say about thus and so. Answer these questions truthfully and you will know who you worship as the Divine influence of your life. Anyone who rejects E White's productions to be on the level of the Holy Bible or above the Scriptures, has not rejected the Holy Spirit. To make the sop necessary for salvation is to make it a part of idolatry. You are saying that if you don't accept sop than you will not be sealed. There you go! Trying to do God's work for Him. Brothers and Sisters step away from this idolatry. Do not get caught up in Satan's plan of being a fanatic who constantly points to the sins of others so that we will be too blind to see the beam in our own eye. Amen
Thank you Earl. You bring up some good points that are food for thought.
Hi MsMS ... I was wondering which parts of his passionate statement ... that you would disagree with. For instance ... which parts of this statement would you find fault?

"Anyone who rejects E White's productions to be on the level of the Holy Bible or above the Scriptures, has not rejected the Holy Spirit. To make the sop necessary for salvation is to make it a part of idolatry."
Does rejection also mean a dis-agreement, ora total disregard to EGW teachings?
I rather obey God and HIs Holy Spirit. But, I did not read any contradiction to EGW teaching. She is indeed a modern day prophetess.

Bro. Perlas
Ellen White's intention was to point us to scripture. Don't see how that could be anything but from the Spirit of God.

If anything she stated ... doesn't do that ... then reject it and just go straight to the scriptures. :)

Those who obey will not have to worry.

If obedience is your lifestyle, You will just do what the SOP or the bible says.

The scale of which one has more weight does not Matter.


But if rebellious, then you will start to find excuses and loop holes, since you dont want to obey.

Do you obey?

Or worry?

Wow!! I don't obey but neither do I worry. My salvations is based upon what Jesus did 2,000 years ago ... not on how I obey. I obey to what ever amount ... BECAUSE I am saved.

hey we can see this is being fulfilled right here on AO


  Hi Steve;

  As we know there is not really a rejection of Ellen White per se. It is a rejection of a message from Jesus. People do not wish to admit that so they put it all on the messenger and find fault with the prophet themselves, It is no different today than it has been for every generation where there was a prophet. They praise the prophets before them that their fathers stoned and then they stoned the prophets of their day. Wo when all men speak well of you!


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