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It is difficult for the character transformation while we are still living in the cities. I pray that The Lord will open doors for us to leave the cities.

We should leave the cities if possible but the time for all to leave has not yet come. Ellen White gave the signs which will signal to us when to leave. These signs are not yet.

The quotes are there

Charles is right. It is always time to leave the cities,but  should do urban evangelism.

here's the quote again:

We are not to locate ourselves where we will be forced into close relations with those who do not honor God.... A crisis is soon to come in regard to the observance of Sunday....

According to Ellen White, it is always time to leave the cities and raise your family in the country. Having said that, she also tells that when the Sunday Law passes, then we relocate to the smaller cities  . . . (work the large cities from the outskirts).. . . . Preparatory to moving to the country (Where we will garden, which will supplement our diets during inflation after the Sunday laws). When we can not buy and sell, then we live from the gardens 100%.

Please note: "Ellen White did not want us to take hardships upon ourselves preparing for the Time of Trouble. Some Adventists move to the wilderness whereas she admonishes: "I saw it was a sin to prepare for the time of trouble."

So, Zoie, If God is blessing your ministry wherever you live--stay there until He opens a door elsewhere. You see, Now is the time to present the 3-angels message--not run to the hills.

Blessings, Charles

It seems we are counseled  to leave the cities in the last days we are living,or we may not have time to leave!

"Note by EGW"

"Erelong there will be such strife and confusion in the cities, that those who wish to leave them will not be able."


Your post sounds like a contradiction to me. You said it is always time to leave the city and raise your family in the country. Then you sound like we are to live in the city "outskirts" and work the city.

No one is saying to run for the hills and hide out. However, she said to work the cities from "outposts" not outskirts. There is a difference.  Outskirts means living in the edge of the city. Outposts is further out. Inflation will happen before not after the NSL. Inflation will happen before national ruin and lead to the Sunday law..

As Zowi quoted, for many they will have waited too long to leave the city and will no longer be able. While we must  not panic there is a sense of urgency implied.

While I kindly pointed out the contradiction, to our dear brother,I believe most of it comes from a misunderstanding. We should really examine and research these facts. Most of us maybe read it a few years ago,so the time has come, to review these facts and study them again.

Anyone is bound to make an error, and its just a matter of researching and reading for yourself so that so that these things will not catch us by surprise.

 I think it is best to start planning now while we still can. As the economy gets worse, and new laws come into place,this will make it more difficult to leave the cities.

And what will happen when entire cities are shut down? Well, actually an entire state is without drinking water "right now" as we speak.  W. Virginia recently had an oil spill which has left millions of people in the city without drinking water. Only those who have their own properties in the country,and who have well water ,are able to be ok.


This is a great example of what is being discussed in this post. I pray that we can listen to God's voice in the warnings we have been given.

here's an awesome video about the urban dangers:

Not to mention the coastal cities in CA getting hit with radiation now.

Thanks for sharing. 

We are living in perilous time.

Don't believe everything Exlax Jones says.

From your link:

International Medcom CEO Dan Sythe later put the dirt sample in a spectrum analyzer to view the radioactive “signature” of the particles, the photon energy associated with each isotope. What he found was different from cesium-137, the fissile material used in the Fukushima reactors. He would know – since the 2011 meltdown, Sythe has visited Japan nine times to help map the cesium fallout.

Instead he was seeing radium and thorium, naturally occurring radioactive elements.

This was just one source.. CNN, Fox, The Blaze, Dredge report...etc all said it before he did.


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