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Why is it that those who were caused others to suffer seem to have better? Isn’t life unfair in that way?

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Sister, you mean, some people have to suffer while others do not. Let's look at Jesus and Job. Both of them suffered but both are righteous sufferers. Suffering may be a blessing in disguise in some cases.
No, I mean why someone that caused the others suffer seem to have better...happy, healthy, rich... For example, she/he asked 'B' to repair her/his car and promised to give 'B' a sum of money to pay school fees. But, she/he do not keep her/his promise. 'B's' son cannot take his exam. it's unfair.
Define "fair".
actually not a definition but an example... if you burn my house than i burn your house.
I used to think like this a lot. I often see injustice or have something bad happen to me and wonder why the people who caused the pain are walking around ok and SEEM to be living a good life. I am learning that vengeance is truly God's and it will do me no good to try and scheme on a way to pay them back. I have found that when you do bad things to people you are always "repaid" for your deeds...the catch is often worse than what you did. So though you may not be able to see them suffer for what they did, rest assured that they are being dealt with.

Also know that Jesus shares in your sadness and suffering and is there to comfort you.
My belief is that "all things work together for good to those who love God", I would say that ultimately (no matter how it seems at the present), life is fair.

But I'm an optimist, so that's just the way I think. :P
Judgment will be meted out to those who were unloving and cruel and caused others to suffer. They will have to suffer the consequences of their evil actions. So, think thoughts of love toward those who caused us suffered. Pray for them. Don’t let ourselves to curse them.
Ask God the source of love to help us and teach us to love them. Do our best to lead a godly life. Then will we truly appreciate that life is fair.
We decide by an act of will that we are not going to be a judgmental person. We never have all the information that would enable us to take an absolutely just judgment. Leave the judging to God. If punishment is necessary, let Him take care of it.
Thanks bro. God bless you too
Its quite unfortunate, infact this is the situation we went through about a year ago when we did go the elections, and you know what, people killed each other simply because the said "HAVEs" castigated as well as financed all the killing in the name of power.So even those who who cause suffering to others think to have it better but in actual sense its for a short while and they will reap the fruits of injustice they planted.The Bible says in the second Commandment that He is a jelousy God and he can pass his curse upto the fourth generation.In so doing, if those who think that causing surffering to others will go free,They will have to pay for there missgivings no matter how long it takes.Justice has to come soon or later they like it or not.Life in this world is short bearing in mind we are living in those "END TIMES" in the book of Revelation.Don't get amused, keep watch.
thank you..


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