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Check the names of people in this Group, many of us have false names, false pictures, Is that not lying?

Lets talk...

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I personaly feel like that is lying

Ok Paul, I will come clean. The photo next to my name isn't really a photo of me,it's a photo of the sun in the sky.

Sorry if I mislead you.

hello,there Paul!  how do you do. I'm Dorina. Nice to meet you!



You were followed by young boys with all manner of invitations, because they saw your picture. right?


@ dorina

We love hiding hey!




Its not you only, i mean almost everyone is hiding, people say things here because they know that no one will know them. things they would not say in reality


I am not attacking


Blessings people!

@ dorina

We love hiding hey!
Paul,explain,please. Thank you.

I see, I kind of like it too, MsMS. lol'


The problem is people make funny comments, they know that you will never know their real names or identity.

That is misleading others.

If we are all christians, we will be clean and honest!

What have we to hide?


Being private is not a lie!


There is a place to be private. maybe in your house, car, room, but not in public.

You cannot go to church and hide your identity and still call that private.

I think its a lie.....

Why are we here then? to be private?



Exactly, Alex.  


Paul I see what you are saying, but there is a difference between deliberately putting up a picture of another person and say a picture of one that is inspirational or one of the most adorable Shi-tzu puppy in the world. :^) 


Privacy is a right (well currently), especially on sites where the scammers, phishers, hackers are ubiquitous! But that isn't to say that if you become true friends with another person they wont eventually reveal who they are to you.


Many people including family calls me Shel.  Obviously, it isn't my entire name but why would THAT be needed? :^/.


Blessings my AO friend :^)


you do have a point, however people or members really have that option to post there true identity or use a nature photo to represent there character, or whatever they choose, wouldn't it seem rather fair if they decided not to use their photo for whatever their reasons could be? i wouldn't call it a sin or a lie, but rather a mistake in choosing the proper photo of themselves, so if you have to use the proper english for their so called sin as you put it, the most you could say is, it would be a "honest mistake" in placing their inappropriate photo and or fictitious name.


for example, Mr Bill Gates, the billionaire. He chose to the name microsoft to do business, he came up with a photoclip of a design that is nowhere near his photo or neither a reflection of his image. But nevertheless, people have accepted his profile and the name he chose. adventist online has some pretty strict rules and guidelines to follow and i believe they have met those guidelines, by choosing their own photoclip or nature clip or whatever they chose to represent their identity. so in regards to the false name and false pictures, it appears to be false but in truth, it really isn't false. it could be, the most misleading, but it is not false.


i hope i didn't confuse you, but hopefully cleared the intentions of our adventist online members.


sir james


p.s. my real name is james, the "sir" is something the students started to add to my name as a missionary english teacher in the philippines, in view of, there are so many james in this adventist online, i decided to add "sir" in front of my name to give me a more distint identity. would this be wrong or misleading, or rendering a false name paul?

Sir James

Interisting thoughts, but what is a lie?


Its witholding important information. or telling others what is not true.

We have at least one poster on the forum who has stated publically that he (or she) uses a pseudonym specifically to hide behind and not be accountable. That person claims that when s/he is on the forum s/he is not him/herself. That's a form of lying.


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