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Check the names of people in this Group, many of us have false names, false pictures, Is that not lying?

Lets talk...

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NOOOO Paul not Vincenzo... I just read his post for NHIM...

He can chew somebody alive .... lol ... I really do not want to be chewed alive .....hehehhe ...but that was a great post by him though ...

I am surprised that everyone is having a go at Paul for his picture!

In this church we have a great tradition and we actively encourage this kind of behaviour - usually after Sabbath lunch and before AYS time.

Oh yes, lay activities can be very refreshing :-)



No it is a time to go out to the communities, and spread the word... no lay activities on sabbath please.. lol 


Paul is forever doing this .. he needs to wake up or the bridegroom will come and Paul will be left out..

What is funny John is that I am laying down right now for my glorious Sabbath afternoon nap. :-)

When I was first visiting church it was under the "threat" of Sabbath lunch. It seemed that a part of the afternoon was to have Elvis Presley on the record player (now *that* must date me!). Once one side of the LP had finished it would repeat... over and over again until one of us could take it no longer and roused from our Sabbath-lunch-induced slumber to remove the needle.


Many years later I was working with a ministry in Florida and not only discovered "Adventist haystacks" (tortilla chips, salad, etc.) but also that Sabbath afternoon Lay Activities were alive and well except that it was no longer to the soundtrack of Elvis Presley but Dino instead.


I still try and get in some Sabbath afternoon Lay Activities but it is getting harder as there are more claims to my time...

Anyway, don't let me disturb you... sssh.

Clark P... Totally agree


(Emmy Yawn's, then stretch arms out...and sigh..) 


I just woke up from a lovely afternoon, nap and it felt very good, I must say doing some Lay activities on the sabbath afternoon can be revitalizing.. 

Just to add i did put on a sermon while i was at it, but i guess i was knocked out half way through.. 


John way down south in the state of Louisiana we still enjoy our Lay activities (lol) .. and yes haystacks is one of our specialties as well, we call this easy prepared food lol.. hahah.. After this meal we go home rest for a while and head back to Vespers at 6pm..


blessings guys 

However, Alex, I do believe that he is/was the most deceitful poster on this board. Sad to say, but I have lost all respect for him after a few years of observing his behaviour.

His posting habits were the most childish that I have seen on a serious forum - constantly mimicking others opinions, gloating and insulting in equal measure and stalking/haunting those who have had a run-in with him. However, it was the continuous trap-setting that annoyed me the most - not only for those who disagreed with him but also for those who supported him. I have had a little "back-channel" discussion with him but even in the private realm I got the distinct impression that his words could not be trusted. It is the first time that I have seen hypocrisy incarnate but it became a rule that whatever N Him accused others of doing one could be assurred was exactly the way that he was behaving. The "childish" thread was a prime example.

N Him has no-one but himself to blame for the position that he finds himself in and I have no sympathy for him whatsoever. To be honest I feel that the forum is a lot more relaxed and friendly without him posting. You are right that after previous bans he has returned unchanged, in fact, IMHO even worse than before.

Personally, I am enjoying the time without him... and it really disappoints me that I can make such a statement :-(

Interesting vincent!


I like thoughtful people.


God bless

I have read and whatever make sense i agree with 


yes lying is still a SIN .. This will never change..

Now for those who do not want to disclose information about themselves, you can always set your account on private so your friends are the only ones that can view your information..


However people do have freedom of choice, do as you like, wrong name, right name, it doesn't matter, act on your conscience.. 


A lie is a lie, no matter which way you cut it or look at it

I believe its only lying if you claim that your false picture or false name is your own.  If you let ppl know its fake then its not a lie.  My photos are real, my name is not. Why do I use a different name?  Well simply put, the internet is a dangerous place. Even in SDA sites there can be stalkers or identity thieves.  Its surprisingly similar for people to find you online if they know your name and/or IP Address. There are sites dedicated to tracking people online.  I do not wish to end up being tracked, and having my personal info revealed. I'm just protecting myself.  If I learn to trust you, I may tell you my name in a private message.  Other than that, get used to calling me Grey. 


Being safe on the internet is not lying.

You right, Grey. You have given me food for thought. Identity Cyber stalkers is like something out of a Hollywood thriller, but, living in these evil times, nothing should surprise me. I have replaced my name with my nickname. Thank you


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