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Check the names of people in this Group, many of us have false names, false pictures, Is that not lying?

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Amen to that John. Some people have reasons and good reasons to not disclose private information through the internet waves. lol We live in a sinful world and the Adventist communnity is not exempt.
The last part is certainly true - even to the extent of two people sharing an account and pretending to be one person. Very deceitful.
No, just as active... and just as deceptive as always.
How is it being truthful to claim that you are not yourself?
Er, "Christ" living in "me". That is clearly not claiming to be Christ but continuing to be "me". Terrible attempt at justifying lying.
What is your justification about lying here on this forum JohnB ?
Oops... I just repeated what you said - I didn't realise you were lying.

Yes John. I have no bones in declaring as I have many times ... that I do not confirm any information that I've not disclosed on this site as being N Him. People have issue with that ... but that has been my decision. My name. My occupation. My family. My address. My phone number.  These are all private for me. And OFF limits.  I am not any of those things. And if someone tries to say that they are N Him. They are lying unless I've disclosed it as being N Him.


People love to play detective. They love to attack those they disagree with. Some here think they have discovered information regarding my family. And they might or might not have accurate information. But this is sick. We are here to discuss issues ... not our private information or to discuss who our families are. There is no circumsance where the information of my family members is relevant here. PERIOD.


And regarding my family. JohnB is just repeating the same old lies of others before him that a member of my family used this account to post. No member of my family has ever used my account. No member of my family has posted on this forum period. Yet, speaking of lies ... some here just love to pass on lies in an attempt to discredit others.


This is of Satan folks. The majority of people here feel that Women's Ordination is wrong. That is fine. But to attempt to smear and discredit others with lies - just because someone thinks differently on this issue than they do - IS JUST PLAIN WRONG.


And it needs to stop. JohnB in addition to pushing this lie that someone in my family has used my account - has also lied stating that I am not a member of the Seventh day Adventist Church. Again - this is just an attempt by JohnB to discredit me because of my stance on Women's Ordination.


For full disclosure since I don't consider my religion to be private.

I was baptized when I 13 years old. I am now over 50 years old. I've been an active member all those years. I've served in just about every church office there is during those years. I've served as a pastor in the SDA church. I am an ordained elder in the SDA church. My membership is current and in good standing.  Anyone who says I am not a member as JohnB has done is a liar.


Let me quote what JohnB said. Enough time has gone by for John to either put up an apology or provide proof. He has done neither. He would rather smear my name .  This thread is about lies. This post below is clearly a lie. So, I ask you -  IS it a sin to lie?


Here is his lie: 


"Remember, when all is said and done you are a pastor in the church and are capable of presenting scruptural arguments. N Him isn't even a member of the SDA church so I don't expect him to have the depth of theological knowledge that you have."





Yes, wow! Did I even mention your name?


Way too long to read all this rambling post but...


As to the last part... Are you going to tell me that that there is a SDA church somewhere in the world with the name "N Him" on the membership list?


LOL! Of course there isn't. "N Him" is a fictitious name and has no voting rights in any church. "N Him" is neither male nor female and "N Him" certainly is not a member of the SDA church. Now, if you are saying that N Him is a real person then you must have been lying when you said that N Him is neither male nor female. Would you like me to repost that post of yours?


If you want proof of this... read your own posts.


If you are now going to give out information, hey, up to you - but why condemn me for repeating what you yourself said?


As you are giving information out... what is all this about your wife being a pastor (or is it that your husband is the husband of a pastor)? Why have you waited all this time to suddenly feel aggrieved? In fact, come to think of it, wasn't it you and your wife who were sharing the last account that you had? Maybe I remember it wrong (I'll look up some of the old archived posts) but I thought you even had to stop posting after you and Vincenzo got into a similar wrangle?


Maybe you should post some evidence to back up what you are saying - right now all we have is you saying one thing and then you saying the opposite. I don't trust these non-male/non-female posters.


I suppose that I don't need to point out that you are breaking Rule 7 here?




I chuckled when I originally read how you exposed N Him's duplicity.  N Him claimed his profile "N Him" wasn't a real person (when it suited him so he would have no accountability) and then completely changed position and claimed "N Him" was a real person (who was a member of the SDA Church!) when it suited him (and so he could call you a liar.)

Of course this fictitious profile N Him is not a member of the church!  The church doesn't admit fictitious profiles.  :-)  You told no lie, you just took N Him at his word.  Apparently he forgot his "story".

That's the problem with lies... it's tough to keep your story straight and even tougher not to accuse others of the very thing you are doing.

The funny part is that he quoted it again here as an example of a "lie" you told.  He still didn't get it!  He thought he could have it both ways and no one would notice.

Keep on posting JohnB.  Not one accusation N Him made against you is true (although I'm pretty sure he was guilty of every single one).  I have been very blessed by your posts.

Paul, don't you know how unsafe the Internet is? I use my real name but because of the career that I am going into I do not feel comfortable using my picture. There is nothing deceitful about preserving your privacy on the Internet. The bible tells us to be wise as serpents but harmless as doves.

Hi guys. I think that lying is still a sin. But if you have to lei to save a vilage wool you do it?

Abraham lei for food and to save his people, when he till the king that Sarah is his sister.


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