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Martial arts is a form of exercise, although some pastors don't agree, for me it is the way to maintain balance and to keep my body fit.

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thanks, we have the same view
Whatever it takes to get exercise. And I agree, you might try to avoid the whole "awaken the dragon within" thing.

We see in the Bible men practicing such things as archery, sword fighting, sling shot, and whatever else. Martial arts and shooting guns would fall along the same category. Or anything else that has to do with combat, such it's being a helicopter mechanic, or a tank or jet pilot, or drill training. Such things are needful in this world.

That is funny, my old Sifu used to call me the "sleeping dragon" because I was patient until pushed to far, and then all fury broke loose.

Another thing to consider. It says:

[indent][color="#000080"][color="#BF0000"]Romans 13:4 [/color] For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is the minister of God, a revenger to [execute] wrath upon him that doeth evil.[/color][/indent]

If your career happens to be in law enforcement, you will have a gun, and you will have to be ready to use it. But martial arts is a weapon, too, and it's not lethal. So you might be able to use that instead of the gun, which is much better.
Hi Br Rene ,
I think it is a thought provoking question you have asked . Fortunately , I was able to attend a series of meetings and one of the topics involved Martials and Tae Chi. The Pastor shown us some films where some of the graduates had to be iniciated into another , and hot oil were poured on thier bodies and were not allowed to show any signs of being in pain . Their bodies were before and after rubbed with a ointment extracted from a leaf , which allow the body to heal immediately and there was no signs of burns . Before the oil were poured over the candidates , they pour it on a leaf , and as you can image it dissapeared into nothingness . Well the conclusion of the story was that these men were posessed by evil spiriits and prevennted thenm from feeling the pains , it is like being drunk or unconcious , ( in the spirit ) the wrong one I must add . As some of the people who replied said , marshall Arts has it's origin in Eastern Philosophy and much of it in Mysticism and Devil worship. The pastor himself had a black belt in Mrtial Arts and gave it up . It mat start out as innocent exercise ,but as you get more into it , it will lead to similar as Yoga and other .T. Meditations with is origin in Eastern Mysticism . I would say stay away , I do my push ups and sit ups at home and walks . your br Joe
Self mutilation, meditation exercises, and martial arts are all different different things

Evil spirits are not always invoked for assistance in hand-to-hand combat. Simply learning combat techniques is not of the Devil. As we have demonstrated, we see the same thing practiced by God's people in the Bible, when it was their responsibility to maintain the nation of Israel. We also see Jesus and John the Baptist recruiting soldiers, and they where not instructed to leave their profession. Therefore God's people are allowed involvement in the military and police force, under secular government, which may require martial arts training.
thanks for the response

All these marshall arts are steeped in spirtuallism. The whole idea is to bring out the good inner self so that you may over come all things from what inner power you possess. God says I will transform you by the renewing of the mind by uniting your mind with the mind of Christ. A big difference. We as humans have nothing to offer God in of our selves but Jesus died on the cross to save us from ourselves and to by the Holy Spirit transform us into the likeness of God. The weakest of the marshall arts Yoga, also attemps to bring out that inner person so that we can do all things on our own. Marshall arts should be avoided at all costs.


Martial arts IS steeped in spiritualism, but so is almost every other practice. Thats Satans Grande plan. But the practice of honing your body for skill, reflex, hobby, or even martial purpose itself is by no means spiritualistic. Just like most things in this world, you need to eat the melon and spit out the seeds. Take the physical, practical, logical, scientific, and martial aspect of the art, and firmly resist anything that has a spiritual componant. However,  I do not support competition fighting though. Or any competition sports. Ellen White made clear that Rivalry sports do not build a christian character. And logically, if one is to be honest with themselves, they would agree. We are here in this world to be an element that does not seek to oppose, but to help. Even if our help is a seeming opposition in secular eyes.

Anyone can train with martial arts.  However, I would recommend staying away from the "belt mills" that hand them out without any skill or ability that matches in order to make money and make someone feel better about themselves.  Traditionally, your first belt has to be earned, and that takes some serious work on technique until you get it right.

thanks bro. for the response, but i'm not yet convince up to this moment, because when i learned a lot of techniques in martial arts, it makes me calm all the time. regarding to the evil worshipers, a lot of people dont know martial arts but they are worshiping idols like sunday keepers. i think it depends upon your motive, my motive in learning martial arts is to maintain my balance, evade muscle cramps and fitness. again thank you lets wait for the other idea that comes.
Not at all. Violent ones may not good. Those which require you to bet another artist just to level up your status may disagree with some moral principles. In general, nothing wrong with martial arts.


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