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can someone please explain why a world renown SDA preacher is saying ALLAH is the creator of the universe. this is very troubling to me and i am thinking leaving the SDA church based on these revelations. if SDA is acknowledging that a demonic GOD is to be praised then i denounce my attachment to SDA right now.

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ZJ said: "The origin of the English word God comes from the tribal germanic and nordic words Gud or Gutt meaning "invoked one" . This word they used to refer to their pagan god.  Europeans who converted to Christianity decided to continue to use the same word to refer to the YAWEH  God in heaven. Pretty much the same what Arabs did with the word "Allah".

Yes ZJ you are right to some extent. But the word Allah has changed meaning over the 1000 years or so, and now does not mean God any more but means the Moon God have you ever noticed the Crescent Moon on some of those Islam countries flags, the Crescent moon on top of the dome of some mosks. Mohamed was not in favor of the Crescent moon symbol, but after his death it was bought in by those radical teachers at the time.

Conversely the word God did not change meaning over those years, I think this should tell us something.     

The words "Allah", "God" and "Elohim" all have pagan or pantheitic roots but are today adapted and suited to make reference to the YHWH God of heaven.

How about the Moon God? is that also YHWH?

God is also called Elohim in the Bible, which is cognate with Allah. The Arabic word literally means "God".

so why are Adventist students kneeling and bowing and worshiping allah in the adventist review magazine? (the official magazine of the SDA church)

So why are so many Andrew's students gays and lesbians? 

Really? And you know this how? And do you know if they are practicing or not? And if there are some, do you know if they have turned away from it? You will find perfection in no organization, church, school or anywhere anymore. It is not the  Adventist church that will be saved at the will be a REMNANT who will come out of every church and who are obedient to God. So why are you so negative and seem to be taking things out of context and out of their meaning?

This was my point exactly 

I can tell you why this is happening. Without a doubt. Apostasy has entered into the Church by agencies of the Vatican. The House of Divination. The Society of Jesus (Jesuits) are very much alive and well. Working to destroy what remains of God's remnant. Not long ago a man named Tony Palmer in concert with the Current Jesuit Pope put out a video on youtube. Calling for a convergence of all churches to come together in an ecumenical embrace stating that Doctrines were fanatical, destructive, divisive and not proper in today's world of religion. That WE (all religions) must come together in communion NOT conversion. These are not His exact words but in relation to what His little speech was all about portray His message. Note that the current Pope is a Jesuit. Many are saying He will be the last Pope before the coming of our Lord.

AS far back as the Beginning of Islam as it is known today, there were involved Jesuits. Jesuits if we know the Spirit of Prophesy, paying attention to their past involvements and agendas. If a search through History is diligently done, searching out those who were involved, using the writings of the Church of Rome itself. They openly admit and convey their purpose clearly. The books within the Catholic Church's Hierarchy which a well know Pastor/Evangelist, Professor has many presentation available for viewing on youtube which clarify very well the roots and origins of all religions throughout History. It is amazing the amount of Documented history in their libraries.

    There is a much insidious and dangerous agenda moving forward from sources E.G. White speaks of. For some odd reason Adventists across the globe seem to believe that we are going to see the works of our enemies and of God our Savior out in plain sight for all to see. This is NOT what scriptures or the Spirit of Prophesy tell us.  IT is clear that these agencies are at work, are not working in the open for all to see and have progressed very far in their secret working to destroy all of that which God has created. To eliminate Christ's deity and the truth from the pulpits of Christendom. This effort as we know and are told is to once and for all destroy all remaining followers and the truth from existence. Look up Alberto Rivera, Walter Veith on youtube and view their information. Everything will become clear when you do. Our Heavenly father would NOT have us ignorant. His Church is destroyed for LACK of KNOWLEDGE. Amen?

Everyone's question on these topic can be answered with a bit of research. Then this energy that is being spent of debates such as this can be focused on dealing with the issues. Instead of consuming our time with debates. Prayer, much prayer is needed for this and to work against the deceptions that are coming. If Christ does NOT cut the time short, the very elect will be decieved. Let us remember this and not think to highly of ourselves or what we think we know. Lucifer is hard at word TO DECEIVE the WHOLE WORLD. No one should ever be so comfortable with where they are or what they know in God's great kingdom to believe we are safe from deception. AMEN?


You said, "AS far back as the Beginning of Islam as it is known today, there were involved Jesuits."

Could you elaborate? What do you mean by "the Beginning of Islam as it is known today"?

He is referring to Alberto Riveras claims of the conspiracy theory that the Roman Catholic Church created Islam, Communism, Nazism and caused the World Wars.

Furthermore Mr Riveras claimed that he "found" secret documents which prove that the RCC wants to spread abortion and homosexuality. (Where the RCC fights even harder than the SDA church ever does against.) and other lies and theories.

Mr Veith just repeats these claims over and over again and gives them a "legitimate" touch and a SDA centered view. 

Apparently it is working considering how many people are actually believing this nonsense which is spread by so called "Ministries"...

"...Look up Alberto Rivera, Walter Veith on youtube and view their information. Everything will become clear when you do. ...."

As in everyone will realize how much lies, conspiracy theories et etc etc etc is being spread by people like Mr Veith and even believed and repeated endlessly by people like you...?

No thanks thats pretty clear already after reading this and your other postings.


Seriously all these conspiracy theories are fabricated bs to put it bluntly.



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