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can someone please explain why a world renown SDA preacher is saying ALLAH is the creator of the universe. this is very troubling to me and i am thinking leaving the SDA church based on these revelations. if SDA is acknowledging that a demonic GOD is to be praised then i denounce my attachment to SDA right now.

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Manuela, Essentially you are correct. The best name of the Creator of heaven and earth is actually YHWH. The words God, Allah and Elohim has pantheistic roots but were later adopted by various groups of people to refer to our Creator. "God","Allah"," Elohim" are today used to refer to the Creator of Heaven. Allah is the God of Ebrahim (Abraham), Dawood (David) , Joseph (Yusuf). Allah is the same Yaweh God that we as Adventist Christians worship.

I guess in that case, we may as well suspend reading the Bible, and read the Koran instead?  While we are at it, the Mormons worship the same God, sow we may as well accept their religion as equally acceptable and then suspend the Bible for the Book of Mormon?

Dios, Dieu, Dio,Deus,.Déu, Bůh, 上帝, 造物主, Gud, θεός, भगवान, Isten, Bóg, Dumnezeu, бог, Бог;

Would you feel the need to convert to any other religion cause a SDA pastor uses any of these words in his sermon?

Nope.  But, this constant need to state that the Koran is divinely inspired and that salvation is found through the god of that book is reprehensible.

There is only one name by which men are saved.

John 14:6-7, "Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. If you really know me, you will know[b] my Father as well. From now on, you do know him and have seen him.”

The point is that using the word Allah in a sermon is the very same as any of the other words.

It is just God in another language.

To interpret anything else beyond that into the word does not do it justice.

It would be something else when a pastor goes ahead and states: "Allah is God and all please convert to Islam now." Which was not even close the case here. It was simply a stating of the word and the meaning of it in english language. 

God = Allah = Dios, Dieu, Dio,Deus,.Déu, Bůh, 上帝, 造物主, Gud, θεός, भगवान, Isten, Bóg, Dumnezeu, бог, Бог; is simply a fact nothing more nothing less nothing else.

But, this constant need to state that the Koran is divinely inspired

Who said that?

Using the known fact that "Allah" is the Arabic word for the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (ie. OUR God) to jump to some speculative conclusion that we should read the Koran or that it is God's Word is irresponsible at best.

He (Dwight Nelson) said the Koran 'teaches the seed of every divine truth that you and I embrace, the seeds are all there" . If the Koran teaches divine truth, is it not divinely inspired? I wander what seed he is referring to

So you are speculating on what someone else said?  Pretty shaky ground for belief, condemnation... anything.  :-)

If the Koran teaches divine truth, is it not divinely inspired?

I can EASILY say that books that teach divine truth mixed with error are not divinely inspired.  That does not change the truth contained in those books to falsehood.

Mark Finley has a book called "Studying Together" that teaches the points of similarity between our SDA beliefs and the beliefs of other religions.  The point of the book is to establish rapport and common ground with other religions.  It is not to say "your beliefs contain truth and are thus entirely true and divinely inspired".  Far from it.

We can reach out to Muslims based on this commonality and show them Jesus.  We don't need to embrace everything they teach simply because there is truth in their holy book.

yes you have a point, but how can something containing 'divine truth' not be inspired? 

Let's look at some definitions: 


a :  of, relating to, or proceeding directly from God or a god >divine love>

b :  being a deity <the divine Savior>

Can we say the Koran contain some truth instead of divine truth? Divine truth come directly from God

I like how you corrected yourself at the ending  by saying "because there is truth in their holy book (Koran)" Yes I can agree with this statement but there is no 'divine truth' in the Koran as the pastor said. 

Brother JohnB is very strong on this point of  commonality and I agree. 

I really think that you are splitting hairs (call my name enough and I appear, eh?)

What is the difference between divine truth and truth?

Is there truth in any religion other than Christianity? Every religion I have encountered contains some truth but just because I admit that fact does not mean that I think that all truth is found in all religions. So many posters on this forum attempt to argue by using logical fallacies and misrepresenting what others say that one might well think that the concept of truthful dialogue is lost on most SDAs.

This topic has been addressed several times already but each time we have the same tired responses from the same posters.


So: does the SDA Church promote Islam? Of course not. Read the 28 Fundamentals; read sis. White's writings. It is a stupid question to ask. We are Christians, not Muslims, a fact that anyone who takes the most cursory glance at our denomination will see.


Is "Allah" God? Well, you might as well ask if "God" is God. When I am with Hungarians I use their word for God, "Isten". Is that blasphemy, a pagan god? Or am I just using the reference word that they use? In English we use "God" - is this a derivative of "Gott" the German pagan god? What word do German Christians use? "Gott"? So are all German SDAs worshipping a pagan god? This attitude of not being able to use the word Allah without there being an inherent submission to satan is righteousness by works. How much longer are SDAs going to get in the way of the Gospel with these silly arguments?

It is just an excuse to condemn those who are trying to reach out to Muslims - and an excuse for not reaching out by those who are doing the condemning. Let's be plain, there are some in our church (even on this forum) who do not want to do the work themselves and actively try and prevent others from doing that which they cannot do themselves.


What is the Arabic word for God? Allah. That's it, plain and simple.

If you want to know the concept behind the word then ask the person who is using the word as to what they mean by it rather than insisting they fit into your definition.


Who are Muslims worshipping? They think they are worshipping the God of Abraham. Now where do you think we should start? Should we meet them where they are and introduce them to the real God of Abraham or do we tell them that they are devil-worshippers? Which approach will lead to dialogue?

So many people treat religion as a competition - my god is better than your god - and completely miss the point of evangelism. Our aim is to bring people to Christ and one Biblical principle is to meet people where they are.


Instead, we take a word from another language and attempt to redefine it to fit in with our way of thinking without any thought to the way that those who speak the language use their own word. It is cultural imperialism and self-righteous arrogance to say the least. We, who read a translation of our scriptures, demand the right to redefine a word that is found in the original of their scripture. I'll take a stab in the dark and suggest that none of those objecting to the use of the word Allah speak Arabic or have attended an Arabic-speaking church. In other words, they speak out of ignorance.


Now, how many of you regularly engage with Muslims? How many of you know how to approach Muslims and engage in dialogue rather than argue to score points?


Should we give some examples of the truth found in the Qur'an? Let's just start with one simple one, Jesus Christ is referred to as being "Jesus the Messiah" who was born of Mary, who was a virgin.

Now, is that true, or not? And assuming that it is true: is it a "divine truth" or not? 

Heisenberg:- "but, this constant need to state that the Koran is divinely inspired and that salvation is found through the god of that book is reprehensible."

But nobody is saying that here. What we are saying is that Jesus can be discovered in the Koran. Infact it has already been done. Muslims are being introduced to Jesus through the Koran.

Well if somebody is already reading the Bible and accepting its precepts it will be foolhardy to tell them to go back to reading the Koran. However many Adventist missionaries are showing muslims how to discover Jesus in the Koran with the hope of introducing the Bible from which they get a much better Revelation of Jesus.


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