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can someone please explain why a world renown SDA preacher is saying ALLAH is the creator of the universe. this is very troubling to me and i am thinking leaving the SDA church based on these revelations. if SDA is acknowledging that a demonic GOD is to be praised then i denounce my attachment to SDA right now.

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What do you object to in Nelson's videos?

If you give the specific quote and the time at which he says it we can then see the context. The anti-SDA video you are promoting distorts what is being said and puts its own spin on it. Why not quote directly from Nelson's sermons?

Because the sermon in it's entirety has been removed from 3ABN completely. The entire sermon is NOT available as to my knowledge. Do you have a source for the sermon in it's entirrty? I would like to see it for myself as I take NO MAN'S word for anything concerning the things of God. If I do have access to this sermon in IT'S total and complete utterance I need to see it. Thanks in advance.

JayExodus, i do pray and preach in Indonesian by stating Allah is our Creator. And no one can change it because it is our language likewise Malaysian, Singaporean and Arabic spoken.

quit evading the questions and answer them directly. why is the official magazine of the sda promoting Muslim worship? this is highly unchristian.

 Andrews University Summer of 2009 FOCUS magazine?

The link supplied is disturbing Jay to say the least...

I have done a study of eloah,  and in ancient Hebrew the word Eloah, is the "bull's head, shepherd staff, tent peg, person." How you spell these letters depends upon how you hear the sound....for example I would spell them as "ALFE" others spell them as "ALLAH" or "ALOAH" or just "FATHER" , the Hebrew word means "strong Authority secure. Behold the Being!"

Now the problem we have is, does Islam worship the same Being was Christians do, even though we lay claim to the same Hebrew word ? It's like saying do Catholics have the same "Jesus" as SDA do ? Even though its the same historical Jesus? or is it ?

Worshipping a Hebrew Name or title, does not mean salvation. Worship is a relationship concept, based on a host of other elements other than just getting the chief Strong Authority correct.

Jesus says no man comes unto the Father except by Jesus. So many religions today such as JW's are automatically outside of heavenly salvation, and those saved would be saved by the light they know.

The important thing is how's your relationship with Jesus, the Son of Elohim.


"The link supplied is disturbing" because it is misrepresents the whole truth.

It doesn't give the whole article.  It doesn't explain what was happening.  It gives links to video snippets that are incomplete and out of context.

It is trying to paint an entire picture of "SDA Apostacy" out of tiny "gotcha" snippets.

But when looked at as a whole, the truth is shown.

And that truth is completely different than what anti-SDA sites are saying.

If you see it that way then too bad. I do not think that the Adventist Review is promoting Islam.

Focus is not the official magazine of the SDA Church it is an official magazine of Andrews University.

The magazine is not promoting Muslim worship. It is reporting a 3-week interdisciplinary trip. There were students taking a comparative theology course and the trip to the mosque was a part of that. Whilst it may be the popular trend to shun all other religions in favour of getting information from the internet, thankfully schools of learning believe in a more radical approach of "see for yourself".

So, your question is a dishonest one. The SDA Church is not promoting Muslim worship but students studying other religions are given the opportunity to experience other faiths' practices for themselves. Why is it a problem?


The Christian approach to all problems like this is to "study to show thyself approved" not to believe every lie. We are not expected to gullibly believe everything ("it's on the internet so it must be true"?) but to test al spirits.

I suggest that you haven't watched Dwight Nelson's series or even the 11th December presentation neither have you read Focus magazine. You have just listened to the lies of an anti-SDA site and run with it to the point that you will give up your membership.

JayExodus said "quit evading the questions and answer them directly. why is the official magazine of the sda promoting Muslim worship? this is highly unchristian"

Could you provide a link from the "official magazine" to back up what you are saying?

You are misinterpreting the facts here.

Sorry to inform you Allah = God is a true message and everything beyond the simple word is your misinterpretation of the true meaning.

If you replace the word "God" with "Allah" in every post here it would still hold true as Allah literally meansGod in the Arabic language and nothing else.

Thats like you coming here telling: "why does pastor xyz not use "God" (English) but instead uses the word "Gott" (German) in his sermon?"

Because it is the same thing just a different language. Everything beyond that point is you misinterpreting something and your prejudices against another religion dictate your way of thinking. Maybe you should free yourself from prejudices before proclaiming something 



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