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can someone please explain why a world renown SDA preacher is saying ALLAH is the creator of the universe. this is very troubling to me and i am thinking leaving the SDA church based on these revelations. if SDA is acknowledging that a demonic GOD is to be praised then i denounce my attachment to SDA right now.

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Please watch the videos before jumping to conclusions.

No, blasphemy is worship another god and claiming it is God.  Allah from the Koran is a god, not THE God.  If you accept the god the Koran you must deny Jesus.  And well, calling yourself an Adventist and denying Jesus for another god, now that is blasphemy.

Muslims worship the God of Abraham, Isaac,Jacob and Joseph. The same God that created the heaven and earth. Catholics worship the same God and so does Jews. Just because they are not Adventist does not mean they worship a foreign God. Just because their beliefs differ does not mean Catholics, Jews, methodist worship a false God the same applies to muslims. 

The Jews deny Jesus. Does that mean they worship a foreign pagan god ?  The answer is no. They may not have a complete understanding of God but it certainly does not mean they worship a pagan god. The same applies to muslims.

Budhist, hindus on the other hand do worship a pagan and foreign god.

Are you serious ZJOutback? Who created the heaven and the earth? Is it God the father or God the Son? 

The Koran describes the Muslims god to us, and this god is not a nice god. 

Well the Old Testament of the Christian bible also describes a God who gives commands to "kill every living thing"   "But kill both man and woman, infant and nursing child, ox and sheep, camel and donkey.’” 1 Samuel 15.

Do we as christians still apply the same principles even though we believe God is the same, yesterday, today and forever ?

The Koran presents the same dilemma to muslims yet hundred's of millions of muslims today have reasoned that those "old testament" ways that God used then does not apply today.

Interesting you said "Christian Bible".  You unmask yourself.

How so?

Are you going on just what you have been taught in public education?  You really should do some reading and ask more questions, don't just believe us or what the liberal media says. Find some dusty books and read what real scholars have to say.  

Kain and Abel also seemed to worship the same God and still they did not. 

The Koran and Islam deny Jesus.  God is three persons.  So, if you accept the Koran Allah, you deny Christ.  And without Christ there is no hope.  Rather, that feeling liberal joy by saying "We are the same," which we are very much not, you should educate on the way to Salvation with is Jesus Christ.  There is NO OTHER name under heaven by which men are saved.

"The Koran and Islam deny Jesus."

Actually they do not deny Jesus.

in the Quran and in all islamic denominations Jesus is mentioned and a Messenger of God and al-Masih (The messiah). In Arabic Jesus = Îsâ

There are alone 93 verses in the Quran where Jesus is mentioned and his teachings are present in way more.

The differences between the religions are with the death of Jesus, the meaning of the death and with incarnation of God in Jesus.

The messianic muslims however are a part of islam yet they interpret jesus life pretty much the same as christians.

A fairy tail, and a lie.  Muslims only accept their god and their prophet and no other.


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