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can someone please explain why a world renown SDA preacher is saying ALLAH is the creator of the universe. this is very troubling to me and i am thinking leaving the SDA church based on these revelations. if SDA is acknowledging that a demonic GOD is to be praised then i denounce my attachment to SDA right now.

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All christians in the middle east use the word Allah when refering to God. Both muslims and christians in the middle east believe that Allah is the God of Abraham, Isaac, Joseph, David, Ruth,, Daniel.

The word 'Allah' no matter the origin pre Muhammad is understood in the Islamic context today as the Quranic deity. It is not a word that depicts the Trinitarian Yahweh-Elohim(Lord God) of the Bible. It is wrong for any translation of the Bible in any language to use this word 'Allah' to refer to the God of the Bible. Doing so brings confusion and ambiguity between what the Bible teaches as the Trinitarian monotheistic God with that of the 'Allah' of the Quran. It cannot be considered as a mere argument over semantics for Christians of the protestant/evangelical variety. To use 'Allah' synonymously in reference to the Biblical deity is both confusing for the Muslims and Christians as to which God one is referring to as it is poles apart theologically. There is the danger for both sides untaught of its respective theologies to think it is the same God who is worshipped.Christians must distinguish themselves in their doctrine and not use an Arabic word for the Biblical God.

1. In today's religious context, the word 'Allah' is a word loaded with Islamic theology. The God of the Christian Bible Yahweh-Elohim beginning from Genesis to Revelation is a Trinitarian monotheistic God. It is not a creation of the Church but it is an inspired Biblical revelation. Its mathematics is hard to understand but it is the heart of John 3: 16, the Gospel in a nutshell. That is, the Trinitarian monotheistic God the "Father", sending forth God the "Son", Christ Jesus, who incarnated in the human flesh, to offer Himself as the blood-sacrifice, a substitute to take upon Himself the sin of doomed humanity, dying on the cross and rising up again on the third day from the dead thereby saving humanity from God's wrath upon sin. After Christ resurrection and ascension, as promised by Him, God the Holy Spirit descended upon the earth to indwell every true believer of Christ (the Church), according to the Scriptures (Bible) to enable the believer to live a holy life and to be the seal of redemption testifying in the heart of the forgiveness of sin in Christ Jesus. The Christian Gospel is based on this redemptive revelation of the triune Godhead. The Quranic concept of 'Allah' is in total opposition to this. There is NO similarity between them whatsoever.

2. The early 'Christian missionaries', erred when they started to Christianize pagan words so that the 'converts' from the Christianized colonies and communities are not brought into a religio-social vacuum. Therefore, the word Allah that pre-dates Islam, a word that was and is a non Hebrew word for a pagan deity, the "Moon-god" of the pre Muhammad Arabs was Christianized and retained among the Middle Eastern Arab Christian converts finding its way in the Arabic Bible translation. Post Muhammad this same "Moon-god" is now appropriated and identified with the Islamic Quran by Muhammad. This contextualization of the Arabic word, Allah, in Bible translation, was followed in Asia and many parts of the world where there was a Muslim-Arabic religious influence. It was wrong then and it is wrong now.

3. The word 'Allah' is a transliteration of the Arabic word and it does not represent the Hebrew God of the Bible pre or post Muhammad. To be true, the translators at that time ought to have transliterated the Hebrew words, 'Jehovah' (Lord) and 'Elohim' (God) incorporating it in the ethnic language of a people group , thus introducing the God of the Bible without any confusion to any locally known pagan deities. Why use the Arabic word 'Allah' for the Biblical God revealed to the Jewish Hebrew speaking prophets of the Old Testament and the Jewish apostles/associates of the New Testament? After all 'the people of the Book', the Jews, were worshipping 'Jehovah-Elohim'500 years before Mohammed appropriated this "Moon-god", Allah, as the deity of Islam. No matter how it is insisted, it is a betrayal of the God of the Bible to call Him 'Allah' of Muhammad's Islam.Words do not exist in a vacuum and they are loaded with implications. When we import from the Quran a word that is alien to the Jewish Bible, we also import its Islamic teachings. Link

The Jewish word "Elohim"  and the word "God" that we  as Christians use also have panthietic and pagan roots. Jews adopted the word "Elohim"  from other religions. Early centuary monks adopted the word "gud" from Nordic pagan religions and applied it to western christianity which is why we as Christians use the word "God" today. The same spplies to the arabic word "Allah" which also has pagan roots just like "God" and "Elohim" but today is used to refer to the Creatot of the universe. The most correct reference to God is actually YHWH (Yaweh).

You use pantheism?  I don't.

Jason said, "The word 'Allah' no matter the origin pre Muhammad is understood in the Islamic context today as the Quranic deity."

Why post this? We are not discussing the Islamic context, we are discussing the Christian context.


You close by saying, "When we import from the Quran a word that is alien to the Jewish Bible, we also import its Islamic teachings."


Who says? You say that Indonesian, Malay and Arabian SDAs are following Islamic teachings. What evidence do you have for making such an accusation? What Islamic teachings have our Indonesian, Malay and Arabian brothers and sisters imported?


It is very easy to make accusations against your brethren but where is your proof?

You state that the word Allah actually means: "moon god". So what is the Arabic word for "the God"?

The muslims worsbip the same God that Abraham , Isaac, Jacob and Joseph worshipped.

NO THEY DONT! Allah the muslim god is not JESUS Christ (the Christian's God)

So you saying that Jews who do not believe that Jesus is the Son of God also worship a false God ? while Jews totally disregard Jesus. Muslims believe that Jesus is a prophet of God.

So, the Greeks worshiping Zeus and the Vikings Odin are also the same God as well?  They all disavow Jesus as does Islam.  So, if you worship Allah than you have no room for Jesus or the Holy Spirit.  The Koran teaches these do not exist.  Allah is the god of the Koran invented by the child molester Mohammad.

So you saying that Jews who do not believe that Jesus is the Son of God also worship a false God ? while Jews totally disregard Jesus. Muslims believe that Jesus is a prophet of God.

Jesus is mentioned throughout the Qur'an: His virgin birth; His miracles; that He is the Word of God; that He is the Messiah; that He was raised up to heaven; that He is coming again. Just a few examples. A chapter of the Qur'an is named after His mother. Similarly, the Holy Spirit is mentioned as giving revelation in the Qur'an.

To say that "The Koran teaches these do not exist." only serves to demonstrate unequivocally that you simple do not know what you are talking about. 

The word Allah was used by Christians pre-Islam and comes from the Hebrew via the Aramaic.

To say that Allah was invented by Mohammed is also wrong. It is rare to see someone displaying so much ignorance about a subject that they pretend to have knowledge of.


I notice that you use the pagan word "God" when referring to the Almighty and ask if it is the equivalent to using Zeus of Odin. Yes, in its original sense it is. It was adopted into the English language from paganism.

Are you going to stop using that word now or will hypocrisy prevail as usual?

So, let me get this straight.  You feel the Koran is divinely inspired?  You feel the Bible is error when it disagrees with your thoughts on gender roles and arms.  You feel Allah is God.  To borrow from Jeff Foxworthy, :"You might be a Muslim."


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