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Bible Scholar Loses Voice on the John Ankerberg TV Show
You can call it pure justice, a sign from God, or whatever you want, but eyebrows were sure raised recently during the tapings for Christian TV's The John Ankerberg Show.Ankerberg, a bitter opponent of the King James Bible, had wanted to do a series of TV programs in which the heads of the new version translation committees — the NIV, RSV, NASV, NKJV, etc.— would debate King James Bible advocates.

Afraid that the King James people would get the upper hand and win the debate, Ankerberg attempted to "stack the deck." He invited five new version scholars but only three King James advocates. Since Ankerberg is himself a fervent promoter of the NIV and other false versions, that made the odds six to three. But the three King James men — Dr. Joseph Chambers, Dr. Samuel Gipp, and Dr. Thomas Strouse, weren't deterred by the odds. They accepted John Ankerberg's invitation anyway so that they could get out their vital and important message — that the King James Bible is the only trustworthy, accurate, scholarly, and whole Bible available in the world!

The John Ankerberg programs are taped in advance in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and then shown later to a national TV audience. For the Bible version debate, eight shows were taped. However, on one of these shows, Ankerberg and the new Bible version people were forced to call an abrupt halt right in the midst of the taping.

It happened when Ankerberg asked Dr. Don Wilkins, of the New American Standard Version translation committee, a key question. Is it true, asked Ankerberg, as Gail Riplinger reported in her bestselling book, New Age Bible Versions, that a number of the scholars who worked on the new translation committees lost their voice as punishment by God?

As the TV cameras captured the moment, Dr. Wilkins opened his mouth to answer— and nothing came out! No sound! Wilkins kept trying to clear his throat, but he couldn't respond. Ankerberg and the other new version scholars were visibly startled. Finally, an embarrassed and frightened Wilkins was able to screech out in a cracking, almost inaudible manner, "I... I've... lost... my voice!"

A shocked John Ankerberg ordered the cameras to stop and back up, whereupon Dr. Joseph Chambers, a King James only advocate, politely protested. "The cameras should record exactly what happened here," Chambers insisted.

But Ankerberg was hearing none of it. After a brief delay, the TV cameras began to roll again, after the amazing segment of Dr. Wilkins losing his voice had conveniently been excised!

But our miraculous God wasn't through yet. Ankerberg had taped eight programs in all, but after broadcasting only two of them, he pulled the others off the air and refused to continue the series. When we called his office to ask why, we were pointedly told that it was because the series was a financial flop. When the first two of the eight programs aired, people did not send in enough contributions. In other words, Ankerberg claims that the series wasn't making enough money!

I watched one of the two programs that did air, however, and I believe there is another, quite different reason why Ankerberg and the false new version folks decided to pull the remainder. At one point, the new version "scholars" were clearly frustrated when Dr. Chambers asked them why, an astounding 46 times in the NIV, the title of "Master" for our Lord Jesus had been changed to "teacher!" Obviously, there is a vast difference between one who is our Master and one who is a mere "teacher."

Such poignant episodes as this make me doubt Ankerberg's rationale as to why he quickly jerked the remaining programs from the broadcast schedule. If, as he claims, Ankerberg pulled the series because he wasn't bringing in enough money, what does that tell us about his "ministry?" Is John Ankerberg in it only for the money? Is filthy lucre the sole measure for the programs he airs — or doesn't air? -FLASHPOINT: A Newsletter Ministry, October (Vol. 95-10) p.3

Bible Reading and Personal Outlook
Carol Eisenberg
November 10, 2001

For more than 1,000 years, the Bible has been the most widely read and circulated book in history, influencing the development of language, literature and culture.

Now, a Christian publishing house says it has scientific evidence that reading the Bible promotes a positive outlook.

According to a July study that the publisher commissioned from the Barna Research Group, an independent marketing research company in Southern California:

82 percent of regular Bible readers described themselves as "at peace," versus 58 percent of those who said they never read the Bible.

78 percent of regular Bible readers said they felt "happy" all or most of the time, versus 67 percent of nonreaders.

68 percent of regular Bible readers said they were "full of joy," versus 44 percent who said they never read the Bible.

The study was paid for by Tyndale House Publishers, a Carol Stream, Ill., company that sells Bibles as well as books related to Christian themes. "We had a reputable company do it," said spokeswoman Pamela Finch. "The results are absolutely credible."

Data supplied by Barna Research says the study was based on 1,004 television interviews conducted among a sample of adults selected to reflect the nation's regional and ethnic makeup, and had a sampling error of plus or minus three percentage points.

Particularly in the wake of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, Finch said the study suggests that Bible-reading should be a resource, no less than counseling or medication, in coping with anxiety and depression.

The study also found that 81 percent of regular Bible readers said they were satisfied with life in general, versus 63 percent of those who don't read the Bible. Ninety-four percent of regular Bible readers believe that life has a clear purpose and meaning, versus 76 percent of nonreaders. -Copyright (c) 2001, Newsday, Inc.

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Authorised version means that King James authorised it not that God authorised it no more than that.
Foe me yeah
it has preserved all the original based verses and even though some find it hard to read beacause of its English version, its simply the bet at the moment.

Like in Kenya we even have aBible being translated to ''SHENG'' and some other irritating languages. They do this that the 'present society' can uderstand the Bible clearly

KJV has maintained its standards.....
At second place il take NIV as my version of Bible study.....
We have now the New King James Bible and it is just as accurate without the old English.

here we go again ,, which bible is the best bible to read .. Is that not similar in part to who is better paul or apollos? the debate goes on and on in adventist circles.. Let sget real ok ? if u can not understand what u read is it going to d o u any good? .
LET m e see Jesus is up in the sanctuary pleading his blood in the most Holy Place for adventists to argue about which bible they must read from? ,Excuse me for my ignorance but is not most of your sabbath school lessons today derived from the N I V VERSION?/
I personaly don t care much for this version myself I perfer the NKJV BUT THAT IS NOT THE POINT, The point being read the scriptures in what ever version u at first can understand ok?? Get real you english speakers do translations in chineeese read like KJV?
WHEN THE GOSPEL I S TRANSLATED INTO RUSSIAN IS IT TRANSLATED IN OLD ENGLISH TOO; AKA SHAKESPERIAN LANGUAGE?? YES,, OR NO?? . STOP the debate then that One has to read the bible in kjv or they going t o be lost being decieved by the RCC i s extreme thinking..
The bible has to b e read in the language of the people and as it is done so it will lose out some in the translation just as it does in english after all the heart is just a pump we dont actualy have Jesus living in our hearts do we literally??. IN other languages words are not alway sthe same jus t as in hebrew n greek n aramaic we do not have the correct meanings for in english
IF I BE CHINEESE N NEED TO READ IT IN MY LANGUAGE OR I B E FRENCH OR IF I HAVE A AFRICAN DIALECT WILL IT READ THE SAME AS KJV? Is the HOLY SPIRIT not fully able t o help each individual searching for truth to come t o the light n be saved in whatever language it is translated in??
I guess that this is an easy answering question but complicated should many will not accept what we are gong to tell them. First of all i would like to comment on the if the KJV has been tempered with by many people coz of the presence of different translation. Everything in this world will always be tempered or attacked by certain newly same products that comes from different companies or organizations. that's normal for everything, everyone who introduces the same thing because our world's mentality is trying to "make improvement and betterment" daily, in every minutes as possible to help human being living in the pleasant environments and have better understanding. So, the issue whether KJV is the only one not attacked or what, it is not excluded. But somehow, KJV has a special privilege in the hearts of its readers and admirer for so long as its words and writing are very much impressive and understood widely in the world.
Personally, i like KJV because of its wordings like the one commented by Dr. Chambers recently saying that the word "Master" in the KJV was changed to "Teacher" in NIV. i understand that it's meaning is not disturbed but the real sense of Lord Jesus Christ as our Master has gone when we(especially new Bible reader) will looked puzzled with different word used in different translation.
BUT to all LOVER of TRUTH and lover of His word, our God is wonderful, understanding, ever wise and continually be the source of all understanding. He understands what we need. Every translation is in fact enriching the understanding of each reader regardless races, countries, and so on. And furthermore, every translation has its own goods as that many translation helps millions to have a better understanding on Biblical words which is difficult to be understood in other translation. I always this same belief that God always have so many ways to help His people to really know Him personally through His words and helping His people to know His wills for every believers personally.
My hope is that every believer of Jesus Christ our Lord to strive to not loving and arguing about which translation is best but to LOVE His Word and His truth more and more daily.

Best regards..
MY point exactly Jerico.. WHENU GET OLDER in the faith with a better understanding then decide for your self which is best that u perfer to read from.. // the BOOKS OF SIS White are they to be read also in shakesperian language then with thees and therefor,s in order to understand what is being said?
. Lets get the book in the hands of the common folks for them to start to read and understand ok? Is that not also why God gave Teachers and Pastors and Evangelists for ? Is it not to help others absorb what it is they be reading and to teach them to observe also?.
It is ok to have a preference yourself just do not enforce your preference on others n say they have to follow this or they can not be saved for it smells of hypocracy !.
GABRIEL on the other hand do not be so rebellious so as u think everyone is trying to control you . work is needful yes! but first you have to put Chist first and His rightousness and then all things will be added unto you. .You can not be ignorant of what the Bible has to tell us and claim O I have t o work and feed my family,, for CHRIST Himself provides for ..all. our needs..
Why We Use the King James Version

“[Y]e have perverted the words of the living God.” Jeremiah 23:36.

We have the faith that God has preserved His Word throughout the ages. The Bible was originally written in Hebrew (most of the Old Testament), Greek (New Testament) and Aramaic (Ezra, Daniel, Jeremiah), as this languages are unfamiliar to most of us we need to dependent on a good translation.

There is generally no question about the translations for the Old Testament. But the only versions using the Received Text as the basis for the New Testament are those of the King James tradition. Foremost in this tradition is the King James Version (KJV) itself.

Both the Old and New Testaments of the KJV, which has been used for over 300 years, are based on text-types that have been providentially preserved.

As all translations, the KJV is not a perfect translation. Its main weakness is its readability. It is true that its English has not been updated since 1769, and it contains archaic expressions. This difficulty has often been exaggerated by detractors of the KJV and after reading it for a few weeks one can easily get used to the language as God gives Him grace to understand it.

During the early 1600’s, King James VI of Scotland wanted to settle disputes that had arisen during that time due to the rise of Protestantism and the Catholic Church’s reaction to it. For this reason, King James set guidelines to the translation of the Bible so as to ensure that the text had been "translated out of the original tongues, and with the former translations diligently compared and revised (by His Majesty's special command.)

The KJV translators not only provided an accurate English translation of the best manuscript tradition, but they masterfully rendered the English in a literary style befitting the dignity of Sacred Writ.

Although publishers have hoped to multiply their profits by producing a version which would replace the KJV, it still remains the most trusted Bible for the majority of English-speaking Christians.

As we stand in these last days of earth's history, our faith in the Word of God must be strong. “[T]he scripture cannot be broken.” John 10:35. We must confidently turn to the Scriptures for guidance and be able to present its saving truths to others clearly.

While, other versions of the Bible often make the most relevant truths ambiguous, the King James Version resoundingly affirms them. No other version speaks so convincingly of last day issues. Certainly there was a divine purpose at work in the production and preservation of such an authoritative transcript of Holy Writ. As we study the Holy Scriptures, may each of us individually be assured that “the word of our God shall stand for ever.” Isaiah 40:8. And may we accept its wondrous truths not only intellectually, but make them a dynamic, meaningful part of our everyday lives.

“If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.” Revelation 22:18-19.

For more information on why we believe that the KJV is the most reliable version of the Bible read:

“New Age Bible Versions:

An Exhaustive Documentation Exposing The Message, Men and Manuscripts Moving Mankind To The Antichrist’s One World Religion.”

By G.A. Riplinger.

This book contains the latest research supporting the authorized King James Version and is a new case against the NIV, NASB, NKJV, NRSV, NAB, REB, RSV, CEV, TEV, GNB, LIVING, PHILLIPS, NEW JERUSALEM, & NEW CENTURY.

“New Age Bible Versions” is the result of an exhaustive six year collation of new Bible versions, their underlying Greek manuscripts, editions and editors. It objectively and methodically documents the hidden alliance between new versions and New Age Movement’s One World Religion.

The following is an excerpt from “New Age Bible Versions”:

[T]his book objectively and methodically documents the following discoveries, which stunned the author as they will the reader.

1. The New Age movement’s expressed goal of infiltrating the evangelical church and gradually changing the Bible to conform to it One World Religion is evident in the current new versions. Their words and doctrines prepare the apostate church of these last days to accept the Antichrist, his mark, image and religion – Lucifer worship.

2. This has taken place because the editors of the new versions as well as the authors of the Greek editions, manuscripts, lexicons and dictionaries used in their compilations, hold beliefs which an orthodox Christian would find shocking. Research opens the door exposing them in séance parlors, mental institutions, prison cells and courtrooms for heresy trials. A few examples include:

· The Greek text used to translate the NIV, NASB, and other was an edition drastically altered by a Spiritualist (one who seeks contact with the dead through séances), who believe he was in the “new age.” Two other ‘new’ version editors where also involved in spiritualism.

· The NASB’s progenitor, called “the mediator between East and West” by his colleagues, was and instrumental member of he ‘gathering’ which East-West Journal calls the kick off event for New Age movement and “East West Synthesis.” This new version editor referred to his alterations of the articles of faith saying:

The changes thus far . . . are in the right direction . . . and should contain the germs of a new theology.

· A surprising number of new version editors have permanently lost their ability to speak (five and still counting).

· Insanity marked another prominent new versions editors whose commitments to mental institutions served as bookends to a life fraught with derangement and hallucinosis.

· Their reference dictionary used by new version editors to research Greek etymology was edited by Hitler’s propaganda ‘high priest’, who later was tried and found guilty of war crimes as an accessory in the death of millions.

3. Contrary to advertising claims, the new versions are more difficult to read than the KJV, according to research using the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level Indicators.

4. A ‘new’ Christianity is emerging from the new versions which substitutes riches for righteousness, a crown for a cross, and imitation for a new creation.

5. The few Greek manuscripts underlying new versions contains yet unreleased material which is an exact blueprint for the antichrist’s One World Religion. A complete translation of these being called for by new versions editors and New Agers alike. This ‘new’ version could be the final “universal Bible” called for by the U.N. Assistant Secretary General Robert Muller.
Any of the versions are fine.

They each have their purpose depending upon the use you intend.

I use the KJV ... just because that is the version I used when I was young and have memorized the most.

But, I have many versions that I use on various occasions and needs.
Personally, I prefer KJV... ",
The comments here have yielded important insights about biblical translations. To the uninformed, it might not be readily obvious that some translations have been undertaken with a purpose to alter truth and reshape our thinking. It is good to be aware of such things so that we can make good choices with regards to what we use as a guide. That being said, I think it is also important to note that spiritual things are spiritually discerned (1 Cor 2: 12-14), and that God has promised to guide into all truth (John 16:13,14) those who are genuinely seeking to know and understand His word. Furthermore He has prayed that we be kept from the evil one (John 17:15-17). It doesn't get any better than that!
KJV, i rather stick with the original
Original? You understand that NO portion of the Bible was originally written in English. So if "original" is what you want, you better brush up on your Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic. And then you had best read a cross section of the earliest known manuscripts because they've been changed less over the passage of time.

The King James Version is NOT the original Bible.

If you are like me, and don't read any of the three Biblical languages, you will be forced to rely on translations. The KVJ is one translation. It is an old translation. It's a beautiful one. It's a pretty good translation. I think it's my favorite. :-)

But I know there are weaknesses in the KJV. It was based on a fairly small number of later manuscripts. It also has known passage(s) that are not 'translated' at all. They are paraphrased and not at all what the original manuscripts said. (See Jim's earlier comment about 1 John 5: 7) But those issues do not diminish my love of the KJV. It is God's word and I LOVE it. But other translations are God's word too. And I love them as well.

I dislike the labeling of later translations as "liberal" or "new age". I know there are some slanted translations out there but being a more recent translation than the KJV does NOT make that translation bad/slanted/liberal/new age. In fact, a more recent translation can be better. Why? Because older manuscripts have been discovered and used since the KJV was translated. Basing a translation on the earliest known manuscripts will give us a translation that is closest to the original. So we can have Bibles now that are closer to the original than the KJV.

Another simple point that I think is often missed is newer Bible translations (excluding paraphrases like the Living Bible, the Clear Word, etc.) are still based on the best ancient manuscripts available. It seems like some people think that later translations just take the KJV and make it more understandable with more modern English. This is simply not the case. New translations are based on the best available ancient manuscripts and are translated as closely to the meaning of the original authors as the translators possibly can. They undergo the same process that the KJV went through but can have better original source material to work with. The fact that they end up in more modern English is only a side effect of the translating scholars living in more modern times. My point is, older translations are not better simply because they are older.

I am not blind to weaknesses in newer or older translations. Some translations are more flawed than others. None, including the KJV, is perfect. One of my favorite ways to study is with a parallel Bible so that I can read the passages in four different translations. That has given me a better understanding of Scripture than any one translation ever could.

Even though it's probably my favorite, saying that the KJV is the best translation is only an opinion and saying it is the original is simply not true.


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