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How do we know if the Probation is still on for me, or if the probation is closed? Is there any visible signs like how in the days of Noah, the ark was closed...?

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Blessy, Thanks for those scriptural backing and thanks for reminding the depth of sin and its consequences..

In the days of Joshua, the Sun stood still while a battle was carried forward. (Joshua 10)

For us the day of probation and grace will continue until the enemy is overcome.

The Sun has not set on 'the day of probation' yet, but the night is coming when no man will be able to work.

Yes Stewart, ur absolutely Right....

Prbation has not closed yt. After Nationa Sunday Law probation will close,and once the plagues fall upon the earth, we will know that it is closed.

ya Zowi, its time for us to prepare our hearts to stand that test of time...


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