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This gloria comes in here daily..spamming hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of times..all she does is changes the number after her name.

Is there anything that can be done to stop her. It is making things so hard trying to scroll through hundreds of her things to see if there has been an update on some discussion. 

Last night I left as it was really bad...Is there no filter or anything on this site that will fix it...even though myself and others report her..there is noone around then to do anything to stop her before she gets so far into her spamming.

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What country is this Gloria  from?


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She has got rid of this id..but will rejoin by just changing the numbers in her id. 

Hi Alli

I have enquired about this but no answer. I just dont understand why this person cannot be blocked. How come a block on this name can't be done. I realise the name changes slightly - only the number th!o. But still..cant anything be done? This person has been around for some time and is now having up to five profiles at once - same name diff numbers for all. she is so annoying! i am sick of reporting her and see her coming back!! grrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

really only the site owner can do something about it! unfort - it seems nothing can be done to stop this person! though she could make a complete change and still bother us! but would be good to have a block on this gloriaampka name at least!! for now!

Yes..i try to insult her..tell her she is reported..most of the time she just spams her hundreds and hundreds of notes..and when she is doing that I leave,.,,I am fed up with trying to scroll through the hundreds and hundreds of her garbage trying to see if there are updates on anything.

me too - so fed up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and they come here every week! there is another one I forget who - they keep the same name! I don't know how she can feel good about herself annoying people just for fun - though no one has done anything wrong to her! but that is how the world is with sin in it - hey! even when no one has done anything wrong to them - the get a kick out of annoying people!! it proves really that the person really must not be a very happy person at all! there must be something very wrong in their lives!!

you can try contacting Clark P.

I have emailed a number of times but sadly never a reply :(

Yeah I just keep reporting her hon..I will do a check of updates now..before she arrives lol.

She has been reported and her acount was deleted.

Her account is always either deleted..or she leaves AO..but rejoins shortly after with yet a new id..then she leaves AO and rejoins, spams her hundreds and hundreds of messages..then leaves and rejoins and so on. Her spamming activities occur when noone is around who can deal with her..thus she can change her id 3 times in one night and spam hundreds of times..i say night because it is my night time when it is done...I am expecting her at any time now lol.

Yes. It must be sad to be that desperate.

@ Alli - This scammer is not desperate for friends though - she is deft doing it to annoy people hey! they all do it for this reason - and I guess sometimes - to scam people - eg money etc... but deft not for friends - as they are not genuine people but very annoying crazy scammers!!!

Should I get my baseball bat handy? lol. I hope her computer blows up then lol.


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