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This gloria comes in here daily..spamming hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of times..all she does is changes the number after her name.

Is there anything that can be done to stop her. It is making things so hard trying to scroll through hundreds of her things to see if there has been an update on some discussion. 

Last night I left as it was really bad...Is there no filter or anything on this site that will fix it...even though myself and others report her..there is noone around then to do anything to stop her before she gets so far into her spamming.

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to all my friends and newly addmitted  members here, when you see gloriapka and a number attached for the time being just ignore her. don't chat with her.neither add her as friend. 

|If she really wish to be a member do it through proper channel. She is a real pester. But gloria we all here are united to fight you. You bet on it.!!!!!!

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gloriampka552 is no longer a member of Adventist Online..................

Ok, she quit that still online..i am waiting for the next gloria id lol

I never see her cause I go straight to the discussions, the Forum and just scroll through them. You can only see the last person to reply, but, then I go to my page and see who has replied to the things I have replied to. I never even hit the main page.. Just a suggestion, cause I have NEVER seen this Gloria person.. :)

Deborah, now that you are aware about it, please do needful as she will download lot of mess on the main page. I know you are regular, that a good point so u just have to report. Thanks SAbrina

Cute Leo, know that all the ladies here are so proud to know that. We feel proud about it and the fact you mention my name Thanks and if you are around during out absence you can adjust hmm. So far Adventist on line has committed members who cares for not dirtying and messing around we unite and do the job to do good cleansing

about scammers. I do pray she won't be here on Sabbath when you guys are at church.


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