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I saw this question in another site so I decided to ask it here clueless on these things.

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Well  my   husband  is  going  to be   my  soulmate.  He is  the  one  whom  I will  share  to everything  with  including my  self. 


We will have  to  work  at  our relationships   for it to be very  soulful,  for  I  dont  want  it  to be  enduring.


In most cases I have to agree... People get to swept up in what they want,  to emotionally deal with what they actually end up with...  Pray for a soul mate they are out there but the odds of finding the are slim... 

The point is, that you have to work it out!


I know many people in the church, who are prayinf every day for a soulmate.

How many time did god answer their prayer? The must they rejected the answer, because it was not the way the wont it.

And did is why there are many christian single. They are waiting for Mr/Miss right which is Mr/Miss imposeble! God won't you to use your commonsense!


For me the SOULMATE question is farytale!


First thing look for a man or a women of the same, which is no garantie also. Bud it is a good first step.



I mean same faith.


Stef it is fruit not fruits all make up the fruit you dont have you dont have the fruit.

no. if that so everyone has a partner. lol

Amos 3 vs3 can two walk together lest they be agreed for me this is the basis for soul mates
No there is lots single and live all they liFe single till they die watting to meet they soulmate but never happen

Monica i can identify with that.

The common idea of a “soul mate” is that for every person, there is another person who is a “perfect fit,” and if you marry anyone other than this soul mate, you will never be happy. Is this concept of a soul mate biblical? No, it is not. The soul mate concept is often used as an excuse for divorce. People who are unhappy in their marriage sometimes claim that they did not marry their soul mate and therefore should divorce and begin the search for their true soul mate. This is nothing more than an excuse, a blatantly unbiblical excuse. If you are married, the person you are married to is your soul mate. Mark 10:7-9 declares, “A man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh. So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate.” A husband and wife are “united,” “one flesh,” “no longer two, but one,” and “joined together,” i.e., soul mates.

Sabrina amen!!

Yes, I agree with Sabrina good you brought that out. I believe the word "soul mate"is just a modern terminology of a desired type of "marriage partner". Unfortunately they don't come perfect but at times with much flaws. However one chooses your own marriage partner " soul mate" and make it work through thick and thin. In some cases their are arranged marriages, are they soul mates ? That's another topic all together. In my opinion a soulmate is who you choose to live with for the rest of your life through thick and thin even when the rough moments assaile.


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