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There is no such thing as "Sacred Music", only music which can be used for sacred purposes dependent on elements such as culture, preference and assumed association.

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Hi bennett,

You suggest in order to avoid offence or confusion we should "consider finding something else that is worshipful". This is the issue, what is that something else?

Satan has managed to pervert every form of music, as soon as you think you have the answer Satan copies it, abuses it and then the negative conotations are now associated with it.


As a worship leader any music you select WILL cause offence to someone somewhere depending on their experience.


What do you do?

can i just jump in and say: i don't find the issue of music difficult. Since i just listen.
God chose a lamb to represent Christ, why did he not use a donkey. Since at the final analysis, its just flesh and blood? Can a hymn offend anyone? The bible says to sing hymns...

Christo:  You pray and ask GOD what HE would have you minister to the congregation...and allow the Holy Spirit to tell you what is pleasing to Him.  Happy Sabbath! =)


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