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One poster here said this 

For the most part the whole SDA from pastors to the top have almost no understanding of the Holy Spirit field, no mentors to lead or teach this area, no desire to manifest the spirit, no miracles I have ever heard of, and no prophesy even for over 100 years. No signs followed as Jesus promised. That is a bad sign, the sign of No confirmation, not because of God, but because of the unbelief.

I just wonder if this is the picture we display to the world? Can a church that expands its membership by a million members a year be a dead church? 

To explain this poster is as far as I can tell a charismatic who believe if you do not speak in tounges you are not a true Christian. 

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Amen brother Elijah. Many people do not understand how miracle means. Any divine intervention in things you are incapable of, is referred to as a miracle. I myself have seen the power of God in my family in these already passed ten days of prayer....I was praying for the good performance of my young brother in his ordinary level Secondary School examinations, and God answered it miraculously....he scored grade A in seven subjects out of eleven...and We thanked God for the miracle.

Then, I wonder how comes a person stands and doubts the power of God in his people.????

If anyone feels deprived of Holy Spirit, he or she must reaffirm his relationship with Jesus...and not standing to generalize his or her feeling of deprivation as if it is of the whole church. There are many people who fetch God's blessings every now and then, and are rejoicing in the Lord.

Very true Benjamin, but you see brother James is not an SDA and when we discuss SDA doctrines with him he says they are teaching falsehood, and he upholds his "Spiritual" achievements as a proof of a true Christian who he insists must be able to speak in tongues as a minimum of proof of being a Christian. You and I know that one does not need to do this and as well we do not need to display these charismatic signs. 

I hope you will have a good day with our Lord and Saviour and a heartfelt congratulation to your brother on these fine marks.   

I never said you have to speak in tongues to be born again, nor did I say the other things you say...



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