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Is it not an ornament ? how about a 3000- 5000 U$ worth a wedding ring. Do we still glorify God with this?

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Of course .... spending that amount of money is not necessary. I know of no SDAs that have done that. Do you?

But the issue of the ring .... is very much a cultural and individual one. In some cultures it is very much demanded and required. In the US it varies within the workplace or subculture. The ring is far more than an ornament. It is a symbol of purity and devotion to God and partner. In this day and age ... that is a huge witness for Christ.

Again ... there is no one rule that is valid for the entire world and our prophet recognized this. However ... the short answer to your question regarding spending $3,000 - $5,000 is clear. We don't need to spend that amount of money on a ring.
I think my statement is self evident. Most know this . It is common knowledge. But I will try to explain it to you. If you don't have a wedding ring ... people think you are just shackin' up. In other words ... If you wear a wedding ring ... you are declaring to the world ...

I am married. I believe in Marriage. You are making a strong statement. In this day and age with Homosexuality and Infidelity etc ... wearing a ring makes a powerful statement for Christ and the Christian way of marriage.

Don't get me wrong. One does not need to spend much on a ring. I paid $10 for my wedding ring. But the symbolism is very needed in today's society. It is truly a symbol of purity and devotion to God and partner. Much more than an ornament.

And BTW ... you are welcome to consider this whatever you want ... an argument or a discussion. I find that some feel it is an argument if they disagree with the poster. But to each his or her own. It is in the eye of the beholder.
I think I have not read from the bible that ring is a symbol of purity and love. Is it biblical?
exactly Gabe ...

But even more ...

Our community says that this is what it represents. The Bible is silent. But we live in our community and we do not want to send a bad impression by not wearing rings.

The Bible does talk about not causing our brother to stumble ... and not having a ring will cause others to think ill of you ... and cause others to stumble. Why would you want to send a message of infidility. No. I choose to send a message of love and loyality to my wife.
did God gave Adam a ring and told him give this to Eve as a sign of your love or marriage.,.,
Good point Gabe. And also ... a ring at the time of Adam and Eve was not needed . They were the only ones inhabiting the planet. There was no confusion at that time. Any ways ... for those of us who are true SDAs ... our church has already decided this issue under the guidance of our prophet and the Holy Spirit.

Who knows what God did then - not everything that happened is mentioned in the bible. but rem we must not appear single to others. wearing a ring - instantly shows we are married. ofcourse it does not always stop others for trying anything with a married person - but at least it can prevent it and they know right away - person is married!!

here in australia - no sda Pastor - infact no one has said anything against it! i dont think many sdas are against it myself!

yes brother i pefectly agree with that i even get disappointed when i see the extreme way we as a members taking towords that.What is the problem with wearing a cheap ring or a middle one no it is the way should be but not very expensive.Jesus stressed on love and loyality between the tow.It shows that but not wearing a ring is showing the society that we r an extreme church i tell y the truth here in the middle east people r having many bad ideas a bout the adventist church and when they know that y r an adventist they fire away say hey y r the group who doesn't drink coffee and tea ????????
Imagine my brothers and sisters they don't speak about salvation for example we r known for not drinking coffee and tea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I again advise y not to be an extreme members.Brother N him is really right .When y wear this ring y r showing that y have choosed 1 person and no more any others he or she is the one y r related isn't the ring but its meanig that y and your partner only r together forever so watch out of extreme ideas or y will stumble many i assure y.................................
I dont get it.. we keep worry about what the world is going to say.. What did GOD say about jewerly and adornments... they talked about JESUS and many of the prophets.... they thought JESUS.. was extreme... jenan look up the history behind the ring and see if GOD is please if we participate... why can;t we fear GOD and do what pleases HIM and not worry about the world and what they think...we still can have our values accordly to GOD's WORD and be loving and speak of the Salvation of Jesus....
The problem is that we need to know God intimately ... not fables about him.

hi Aurellia - so... what next - no wedding rings allowed to show the world who we are married. so,... what comes next - cant wear a watch? - a simple inexpensive watch!! so can tell time... its getting abit too fanatical i think. but i respect you and everyones view here!

we need to ask God for help with this above all!


You included an interesting phrase in your comments.  You wrote:

"What is the problem with wearing a cheap ring or a middle one"

The Laodicean church is described in Revelation 3 as being "luke warm."  They are blind, they cannot see what is wrong with things.  The Faithful and true witness counsels them to get heavenly eyesalve, so they can see what is wrong with things.  As long as we offer excuses for something that has no biblical unction, we are maintaining our good and regular membership status in Laodicea.


Maranatha :)


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