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Is it not an ornament ? how about a 3000- 5000 U$ worth a wedding ring. Do we still glorify God with this?

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Travis the reason I am against SDA wearing rings is because SDA claims that jewellery is a sign of Babylon, harlotry, and idolatry. That is official, so why wear a symbol that you preach against.

I will ask you this question again, where is your sign that you are a Christian. People might invite you to all sorts of things because they don't know that you are a Christian. It's the same principle, if a lady approaches me as a married man to have relationship that is not a sin and I have the chance to put her straight.

We make the excuse that people would not know so what? If they want to know they will ask. If after a month o talking to someone they don't know that you are married then something is wrong and maybe you are leading the person on which is wrong anyway. Like I said before if someone really wants you ring or no ring will make no difference if hat was the case there would be know adultery.
What SDA church is that? Seventh-day Anti-Jewelryists? My religion does not consist of strict rules about not wearing rocks, and you would be hard pressed to find anywhere in the Bible that says that jewelry is unconditionally a sign of Babylon, harlotry, and idolatry. Only if rocks are worn for the purpose of vanity, adornment, or false worship are they wrong.
Guess I'd have to agree. The High Priest wore rocks. I can imagine that they were pretty large ones at that.
This can help: (likely some of its points have already been talked about)
thanks for the very nice clippings This will help our church a lot. I will print it and post in our church bulletin.God bless brother
hello brother.but God is so wise in everything He knows your motive more that what we do, We are being judge not by our legal sin but by our action and motive. Once you have committed an act of malice whether both of you are married or not. The bible says its already a sin. Example you are God's child then you met someone you have mentioned above. God and for sure the Holy Spirit will give you discernment if she is married or not, Unless you really don't want to listen with God's providence, and you want to follow your carnal emotion. any reaction bro . Gabriel?

thank you Travis!! :) well said :)

Lol, I like your Idea. In our present generation, Taking a risk is more challenging, Married people are more attractive to temptation than single ones. If you announced to the world that you are married, More temptation will approach you. So announcing to the world that you are married by wearing a wedding ring. Im not convinced.
And I think that is the case with most people in this world. Perhaps some are watching to many soaps.
Cool. Great Post. Appreciate your insights. Thanks
Nice post Nosia, thanks. I agree.

I am new to this thread and kept thinking about a humorus event that happened years ago. Both my wife and I worked at the same place, but in different buildings. Neither of us wore a ring of any kind and because I would go and visit her every now and then the girls in her building began asking her questions. They must have asked her if we were living together and she said yes, but she did not tell them that we were married. They came to the conclusion, from the missing rings and her "wise cracks" that we were not married, but just living together. ;)

We both found this to be funny, but in this case it would have caused less problems for those girls (and maybe others too) if she had worn a wedding ring. Of course she should have told them right off the bat that we were married, but she loves to make smart remarks, etc. There was no chance of infidelity, that was not the issue. My point though is that people really do look for the ring in some cultures.

Neither my wife or myself have ever worn a wedding band and it has not been an issue for us, other than this little story. If some female hints or flirts with me I just start talking about my "wife" and most of the time that is all it takes. There have been times that this does not seem to be enough and so I just work hard to avoid being around the other person.

Now, I have a question for everyone here. Years ago when my daughter was young she asked a very hard question. She wanted to know if a person could wear jewelery and still love Jesus.

It is easy for people to believe in traditions. And the tradition of our church is that somehow wearing a rock is evil. But those that can expand their minds beyond traditions ... they will discover the Bible basis of wearing rocks.


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