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Is it not an ornament ? how about a 3000- 5000 U$ worth a wedding ring. Do we still glorify God with this?

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The answer to that is YES it can be necessary under some circumstances. But it is 'helpful' in most circumstances when in the public. And showing commitment to marriage certainly does 'glorify' God.
The only things necessary in this life are food and water to keep us alive plus shelter and clothes for warmth. Everything else is a bonus!
God is the most important thing or person in our life. If we do not have on the correct wedding garment we will not be able to attend the wedding. The answer to the question about the wedding ring is "NO" it is not necessary to wear a wedding ring. Yes it is a reminder to others that you are in a committed relationship, but you can tell them this at any time, People wil still approach you in a negative manner with or without the ring. The approach is done more with than without a ring. I do not have to spell it out beecause you know what the old line is neither of you want to be committed because you are married it is just a sex thing. This is their mode of thinking.
The bottom line is this. Be true to God and He will always be true to you. Never let a peice of metal determine who you are and what your status in a relationship is. I have now been married for 27 years and I have never worn a ring, yes I have been approached, and yes i have sent them packing and on their way. Happiness is not in wearing a ring, it is in knowing who you are and whosm you belong too. Be blessed and look at the real and not make up all kinds of rethoric about the situtation or question.
nice and simple reply Denny.
Thanks, we do a lot of things that are not 'necessary' yet we still do them because they enhance our life, life is about quality as well as quantity. Wearing pretty and smart clothes are not necessary, indoor bathrooms are not necessary, we can all wear potatoe sacks and still be warm or dig a hole in the ground as some still do yet we don't argue for that do we? But we get all excited when folks but a peice of metal around their finger as a symbol of marriage - please!!!! lol
What?YOu wear a wedding ring to show the world that you are married and symbolic for love? You can still cheat to your spouse even when you wear a ring.LOL!
What does the bible say about ornaments and jewelries, isn't it that we are a "Peculiar People? I think we think and reason like the world.
The issue of wearing a ring has nothing to do with thinking it might prevent you from cheating on your spouse. That would be childish thinking.

In this world we will bear witness to others that we support marriage or are hiding our marriage and lack support for it ... by either the wearing of a ring which shows support ... or the not wearing of a ring which show disrespect for marriage.

i don't think you are being disrespect if you don't wear your wedding ring.I am married for 28 yrs with out a wedding ring.Look at the celebrities, they are proud  of their engagement rings and wedding rings but what happen in a few weeks or so? What does the bible say about jewelries?Like what God describe it in Isaiah 3:16-24

The bible also talks about the wearing of apparel yet everyday Adventists keep wearing clothes but use that same text to get all excited about jewelry....there is a word for that!
There is also a word or 2 for those who choose to ignore plain Bible teaching or downplay it ; )
Define 'plain' and 'ignore' please.
As in easy to see. Then not pay attention to it, or thinking one is building a collection of verses to somehow make something seem to their convenience.


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