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Is it not an ornament ? how about a 3000- 5000 U$ worth a wedding ring. Do we still glorify God with this?

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Is wearing jewelries like wedding ring necessary? No

Is it not an ornament ? No

how about a 3000- 5000 U$ worth a wedding ring. Do we still glorify God with this? No
I really don't think wearing a wedding ring is necessary. If someone approach you and is interesting in you just say I am a married man/woman. A wedding ring never stop anyone from cheating, nor does it stop someone from approaching you if they really don't care if you're marry or not. I have Adventist friends who say they want a big expensive ring,but the real reason for the expensive ring to show it off.
I would never base my religion on what my friends do or say. Good or Bad. I don't look to my friends for an example. I look to Jesus.
So where is the ring that Jesus wears?
Excellent point, Jemma.Its only a symbol that God disapproves of. Marriage is in the heart, and written in heaven!
Do you not believe in the example of the prodigal son?
The point of that story was not at all the encouragement of rings. It was a sign of re-establishing his son. Rings contained the seal of authority, and that was given to the son again. It was showing the father was willing to restore all to his son.
sure, I know his father put a ring on his finger. Which would more represent Jewish culture. Jesus taught parables that spoke to the customs and prejudices of the people. That does not make it a doctrine written in stone. There is no Bible command or counsel to wear a ring. Just because we have the example of the father putting on a ring, which would imply acceptance back into the family, does not mean I will run out and but a ring to try and convince someone I'm a real christian because "I wear a ring."
Well, let see if I made a study of the wedding ring that may gives us better understanding about it..

You can visit
I prefer to go along with what the church has studied and decided on the issue rather than some thoughts in cyberspace.
Well that is your choice. No one questions that. Ripples is very clear with its is claims that it does not sell the ideas and opinions presented nor force them to someone's mind. And I know you understand that very well. If you feel you made that right choice don't let someone dictate you and force in you their ideas and opinions that you are not comfortable with. However, as far as ripples is concerned it stand along the church's on the issue of wedding ring.
That's cool. It may or may not be representitive of what the church believes. I just prefer to get it straight from the church. Especially when it is so clearly outlined by the church. The church has even decided that it is fine for pastors to wear the rings. Pretty clear cut.


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