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Is it not an ornament ? how about a 3000- 5000 U$ worth a wedding ring. Do we still glorify God with this?

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Most SDAs are sincere and genuine. They just don't see things the same as you or as I .

In the world ... the ring is a symbol of purity and love. Now ... you are free to reject that. But you have to suffer the stigma and be prepared to have the wrong image portrayed.

Is it worth it?

I don't think so.
Sadly Gabriel ... this is true.

But we can rise above these judgmental people and witness the Truth in Love.
They do?
"Most people who don't wear any kind of jewelry thinks that they are most holy people on the face of the earth and the people who wear jewelry are going to hell"...hmmm, im not sure about the people who dont wear a ring will have such thought... 'Wearing a Ring' it depends on the person, but for me, we dont have to wear that to demonstrate our love, faith and purity to the person we love..there are sooooo many other ways..
Forget about what people may think..God sees our heart, mind, soul, our spirit within, our Godly character..

BTW, no wrong and right answer.. it depends on d person, individually..God Bless
Is something wrong about talking to a married person? Hello? Married persons are normally people like anyone other. lol
Good Point there Gabe.
I agree with you, Gabriel. Wearing wedding rings depends on where you live. In my country, we don't wear ANY jewelry. But if any man approaches me, I tend to look at his hand to see if he is wearing a wedding ring. I guess everybody should just decide for themselves whether they should wear a ring or not. If they don't feel comfortable with it, then don't wear one.
I absolutely agree with you rDuke.
4 Him I very rarely disagree with your stance on various subject but on this one we are on opposite sides lol. Healthy debate, discusions are always helpful for one quest for knowledge.

I will ask one question before I go into the wedding ring debate. What is the sign or symbol that you are a child of God? How do others know that you are a follower of Christ? I am hoping that your answer will be by your conduct, by the way you carry yourself others will know that you are a Chrsitian. Now the way you conduct yourself should also tell others that you are married. If as SDA you teach that jewellery ought not tobe worn then you are being hyprocritical and sending out the wrong signals by endorsing the wedding band. The wedding band is not needed for the world to know that you are married it's just an excuse for SDA to wear jewellery.

Now I am not condemning the wearing of jewellery perse, I say each to his own, but I get very confused when SDA says that we should not wear jewellery but married couples wear wedding ring, pastors wear cuff links, women wear broaches and put all kind of oraments in their hair. Then they have the nerve to should down folks who wear ear rings or necklaces. If you are for a penny then you are in for pound.

My wife wears a wedding band I do not that is my personal conviction, I explain to her that if I takes a wedding ring for people to know that I am married to her then we might as well not be married. Let us stop sending conflicting messages to people. If you dont believe in wearing jewellery then you cannot defend the wearing of wedding ring.

Bless up
Hey ... good discussion. I am in the same boat in my household. I don't wear a ring ... but my wife does. Maybe it is a woman thing. Ha Ha.

I see both sides. And it IS an individual issue. I don't fault people for wearing jewelry unless it becomes and idol and extreme use of money.

I do believe that not wearing a ring makes people in the community upset with the double message no matter how well your behaviour is. Best not to cause others to stumble. If I was in the community a lot with my work ... which I am not .... I would most definately wear a ring. My wife is ... so she does.
4 Him I underdstand your logic, however if by appeasing man you are offending God then I say Offend the Man and please God. I would never eat pork no matter how much it can be argued that refusing to eat food set before may cause an offence. Where do we draw the line? sometime we use the stumbling block excuse out of context. The stumbling block excuse is for stuff that are neither right or wrong but really a matter of conscience. E.g Paul's example of eating food offered to idols, he says that eating the food perse is not a sin but if it's going to cause my brother to sin then don't do it. How will not wearing a wedding ring cause your brother to sin? Maybe a few ladies might approach you, then you have an opportunity to put them right. In any case ring or no ring if folks want to approach you they will regardless of how many rings you put on your finger.

Like I said I feel that the wedding ring is just an excuse for SDA to justify wearing jewellery. I mean I know of some women who still wear their engagement ring alongside their wedding band.
I agree with you charlie, in this topic we have the same point of view. Philippines is different ,wearing a wedding ring if you are an Adventist could be a cause to our believer to stumble. Not of declaring to the world that Adventist who do not wear a ring is holier than those who not.

Wedding ring here in our country is a symbol of your level in the society. Adventist people who wear jewelries here are those from other country. All Adventist that I know who has wedding ring bought their wedding ring more than a thousand dollar. So that you can say owwwwwe!I also agree that we Adventist are not so convince with material symbolism.Because God wants our character.He is more concern of what is inside rather than what people see outside.

Being a married person even we have different culture I do believe as Gods children we have only 1 standard.In communication if you are married it will reflect on your language and body gesture. As a married woman I talked to everyone as married christian woman ,I don't tell them that I am married if they are not asking.Even though you wear a wedding ring you may cause other to stumble , if you want to flirt . I can still remember that forbidden relationship does not always start to a stranger but rather to a two person who knows each other very well.Does wearing a wedding ring may save you from this sin. Sin is thing we permit in our mind.


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