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Is it not an ornament ? how about a 3000- 5000 U$ worth a wedding ring. Do we still glorify God with this?

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I disagree that wedding rings are just excuses to wear jewelry. The only reason I would wear a ring when I got married would be so that people would not get confused and either think I was single or living with someone I was not married to, which would set an even worse example for some people.
Wedding rings are accepted in our society as a symbol of marriage. People wearing them are usually not approached and asked for dates. However, it's not "appeasing man" that is the source of the social argument for wedding rings. I wouldn't wear a wedding ring to "fit in", but to be recognized as married.
You can't always tell if someone is married or not. I've known people who "acted" married, but really weren't.
That is ONE BIG "IF" Charlie.

I don't think a simple cheap wedding ring offends God. I guess that is where we differ. On what basis do you feel it offends God?
Great Point, Charliebwoyo
Ahhh. Charlie. What a great man. I remember him. I pray he is doing well.
I totally agree.. Charlie..... 110%... THIS IS TRUTH.. SOMETIMES IT IS HARD 2 HEAR TRUTH .....especially WHEN WE ARE CONDITIONED TO WORLDLY TRADITIONS... (GOD said we have kept men's traditions and worshiped HIM in vain) But GOD has requested for us to come out of the world and to be a different PEOPLE... yet we keep justifying why we should participate in certain actions which totally goes against what GOD has said. (Should we worry about the world standards or GOD's??????? This is very true about sabbath and sunday worship as well. Many sunday worshipper will give you every reason why they keep sunday BUT what does GOD say. We continue to worry if the world is judging us, who cares what the world thinks really...all we need to know or worry about is what GOD is going to say about our actions. yes, GOD looks at the heart... this is true...and Sees that we are CONFUSED and sending MIXED messages.... GOD is not a GOD of confusion.. we need to stay on the narrow path.. and not venture off on to the wide path of destruction (making excusing for everything our heart desire so we can do them, this is a BAD place to be because when truth comes, we normally ignore it).. I HAVE LEARNED.. AS LONG AS WE ARE DOING THINGS WE CAN ALWAYS COME UP WITH WHY WE ARE DOING THESE THINGS... let's all pray as GOD gives us wisdom and understanding that we open up our hearts to actually receive this truth... we do not need a wedding ring to defend our status of Marriage.. you and your spouse knows who you are married to that is really all that TRUELY matters.. no ring is going to break that commitment you have made before GOD.... People will talk and Gossip until JESUS comes back.... what does this have to do with Doing what GOD has instructed us to do about jewerly and adornments place upon our bodies.. (let's think and pray about this issue wholeheartly and maybe even research the HISTORY of this pagan ring thing)
The pagan thing has no bearing on the discussion except to praise God that we have transformed and changed what the pagans used to do. I am not a pagan. I don't even know of any pagans. But praise God we have changed what USED to be pagan into something GOOD.
ok Gabriel in general its true
hello any new Ideas?
If you read Exodus 33:5 For the LORD had commanded Moses to tell them, "You are a stubborn people. If I were to go with you even for a moment, I would completely destroy you. Now take off your jewelry, and I will decide what to do with you." 33:6 So after they left Mount Sinai, the people of Israel no longer wore jewelry. you will know that God does not agree with it at all. My wife is my first love since I was 16 years old and I am also her first love. We have been married for 26 years and do not wear any wedding ring. It is in your heart not in any thing to prove your loyalty. A ring does not drive the naughty girl away, ha ha ha, it even attracts them, ha ha ha.
The purpose of a wedding ring is not to prove your loyalty to your spouse, it's to show everyone else that you are married. And rings may not drive some people away, but they do prevent unnecessary hurt resulting from misunderstandings.
Travis if a wedding prevents unnecessary hurt resulting from misunderstandings how is it that adultery is on the rise. Do you really think that a piece of metal can deter someone, infact studies have shown that women are more attracted to married men than single men. If you need a wedding band to everyone else that you are married then I suggest that you are really in trouble my friend.

I just think that is quite strange that a people who claim that jewellery is a sign of babylon and harlotry and idolatery can justify wearing jewellery (wedding ring). You can make all the excuse that you wish, try to rationalise it as much as you want it's still hyprocrisy and confusion.

Please note that I am not against the wedding ring I just think that SDA should not wear it as it creates confusion.
But there are still plenty of innocent people who will think you're deceiving them if you aren't wearing a ring. Just because some weirdos will still run after you, is no reason to prevent innocent affections.

What should married people do? Wear shirts that say "I'm married"? Your spouse isn't always with you. And not everyone can discern as easily as you that some random stranger is married.

I don't claim that jewelry is a sign of Babylon, harlotry, and idolatry. It's just shiny metal and shiny rocks. Jewelry has no meaning in and of itself. The difference is if you're wearing jewelry to adorn yourself or if you're wearing
for a legitimate reason.

Watches are jewelry. Ties are jewelry (as someone mentioned above). Yet you probably wear them. Are you being hypocritical, or do you have legitimate reasons for wearing them?

You're okay with wedding rings on other, but not Adventists? I think Adventists can still be perfectly modest even if they are wearing a little ring.


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