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Is it not an ornament ? how about a 3000- 5000 U$ worth a wedding ring. Do we still glorify God with this?

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Has it worked?
I don´t agree about the thought that a ring is a symbol of devotion. A ring doesn´t prove anything. Many husbands and wives wear their rings and are constantly having affairs, and if you want to pretend to be single to someone, nothing more simple than hiding your ring in your pocket or purse. I think that more than a ring weared in our hands, we need a real ring in our heart and mind about the vowels we pronounced at the althar.
"I don´t agree about the thought that a ring is a symbol of devotion. A ring doesn´t prove anything"

It is a symbol ... but you are right that it doesn't "prove" anything. You would be looking in the wrong place if you wanted 'proof' .
My husband was a greeter at a secular gathering, and women wanted to give him their phone number. He just showed them his ring, and the situation handled itself.
Yes. A ring is very helpful. I doubt we even know the extent of how helpful it is. A silent witness.
Sylvia makes some good points.

The Holy Spirit HAS lead our church in this decision. Starting with the words of our prophet and ending with the GC decisions on this matter.
John my friend ... I started with the least ... EGW and then to the Greatest which is the General Conference. In the middle is the Bible. The Bible is the center of everything. I just assumed that everyone knew that.

"The highest authority under God among Seventh-day Adventists is found in the will of the body of that people, as expressed in the decisions of the General Conference" Ellen White in PC 422

" I have been shown that no man's judgment should be surrendered to the judgment of any one man. But when the judgment of the General Conference, which is the highest authority that God has upon the earth, is exercised, private independence and private judgment must not be maintained, but surrendered." Ellen White in PC 422

"When, in a General Conference, the judgment of the brethren assembled from all parts of the field is exercised, private independence and private judgment must not be stubbornly maintained, but surrendered. Never should a laborer regard as a virtue the persistent maintenance of his position of independence, contrary to the decision of the general body." Ellen White in 9T p.260
Yes. Exactly. And the reason the GC did it is because they were lead by the Holy Spirit.
Very true, John. It's just that "LOVE" for one another wasn't applicable in this case. No matter the ring, some will do what some will do.

It is just my opinion that this is splitting hairs because it is not a topic that would lead one to salvation, or lead one away from it.

I've never been asked why I wear a ring, but I remember going to an SDA church for the first time, I wondered who was married and who wasn't. It was just a secular thing that I was aware of at the time. I learned later about the discussion on the relavancy of this topic.

Thanks, John. I always appreciate your posts.
In Dominican Republic, for example, there´s a big controversy about people wearing wedding and graduation rings. For me, that´s an ornament, not a symbol. You can prove people that you have graduated by your skills, not by a ring. Many people pay to make rings without been really graduated, and many other (me, for example) don´t have any ring and have their degrees. The same happens with engagement and wedding rings. I know many people who wear those kinds of rings and aren´t married or engaged, just want to have it because they like it or it´s from a parent who died...

Others don´t wear them and nevertheless they make clear to everyone their marital status.

This is not about a ring, it´s about mind education. We have to be married in our mind, and behave like married people. Everybody will see the difference.
It might be in your mind ... but others are not so good at mind reading.


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