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Is it not an ornament ? how about a 3000- 5000 U$ worth a wedding ring. Do we still glorify God with this?

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But Jesus never sinned... he never fell into the pride of life. Jewelry can easily cause us who wear it to fall into it.

As for Daniel wearing what he did, Noah also got drunk, should we? I mean, Noah did that, right? What about Lot? He slept w/ his daughters, should we? I don't think (save for Jesus) that there is any perfect person in the Bible. We see good examples, we see bad ones. It was Joseph (son of Jacob), right? In Egypt who also wore some Jewelry I think it was? I don't think any of these examples make it Christian to wear rings though, I really don't.
Again you all are proving the point of what I am saying. We have become modern day Scribes and Pharisees because we are looking at the letter of what we think is right but not what is more important. Love is so important, but we forget that Jesus also told the Scribes and Pharisees that what they called holiness and righteousness was nothing but traditions of men and it would not save your soul. The ring does not make one fall into a life of sin and degredation, it is the Choices that we make. What ever a man chooses to do he will do no matter if it is right or wrong. The only person or thing that can make you loose your soul to sin and hell is you and your choices. When we start doing what Jesus said and teach the people that He loved them and died then rose on the third day to save them, we will be in a better situtation. Just remember this, you cannot force anyone to follow or serve Christ. When we start judging people for what they wear on their finger or the hairstyle that they wear or even the clothes that are on their backs, I want you to take a long look at yourself and your life and ask this very important question. Am I doing what God said in the book of MATTHEW 28 19, 20. oNCE WE TEACH WE HAVE DONE OUR JOB. The Holy Spirit is to take over from there and try to get a conviction, we are not to try and get convictions because we are just the sowers of the seed, only God knows when the harvest is ripe. If we keep plucking we will uproot the wheat as well as the tares. Just think about it, then maybe you will understand.
But, as you mentioned "tradition of men", it is the wearing of rings, that is the tradition of men. And there has to be a difference between focusing entirely on the letter of the law, and then living your life applying Biblical principles and sharing what you learn. Some may say no? But there is a difference.

Yes, teaching of those things Jesus did would def be more important. Wearing a ring isn't going to specifically for that reason going to keep anyone from entering heaven. But.... it can lead to pride of life and sins like it with some people. That would not be a good thing.

How about not judging, but sharing verses with them about it and letting them choose ;) Should we keep silent about certain things and jus let ppl do what they want thinking whatever they may about it?

Yeah, about those chapters, and the Holy Spirit being the one to do the convicting..

This is still the subject of the thread and I don't see anything wrong w/ finding the verses that deal with rings and other jewelry so that people can study and see for themselves.
When you look at the chapters and verses that another person left at the top of page 20 of this discussion, you still lean towars this leading people toward the pride of life. To help you understand this better, people let cars, preaching, houses, jobs and their children lead them to the pride of life. yet these things are not weddings rings. Tell me what caused them to fall and by the way they do not wear rings either, they are Adventist like you and me. The ring problem is not the factor, it is the mind set of the person that is wearing it. it is the same with guns, they do not kill people, people do that themselves. It has nothing to do with the object, it is the person themself. Again my friend it is all about the choice that you make and that you cannot rebuttle.
It can still lead to pride of life. Yes, cars houses etc can def do that too. I think both the ring and mindset are factors though. The mindset, of course would be more important, I believe. Yes, people kill people, but, I don't think I'm ready to encourage people to keep guns. Not saying you're doing that.. but my point is, sometimes its just better to stay away from some things, no?

No, I won't rebuttle choices, its something we always have. We don't need a ring to fall into the pride of life, etc. I know that.

Now, some of us are stronger in the faith than others. Lets say we all wore rings, all of us. Lets say it was not a problem for any one of us.. we were all wearing rings and stayed pretty humble about it. So, now lets say we had a few visitors who genuinely wanted to get to know Jesus, yet did not really know all that much. This person sees everyone wearing rings. He may think nothing of it, or... may think that and every other jewelry is absolutely fine. Lets say the next generation they thought, rings are ok, now lets let necklaces and everything else slowly creep in.

Ok, thats probably an extreme example... I was gonna keep going, but chose not to. In fact, I almost deleted it to leave the comments b4, but, kept it just to show that it may be fine with many of us, but, we are also to be examples, no? The young Christian may stumble, if not given a good example about a certain thing here, or certain thing there. Thats what I'm tryna get at this time.
Now you are making sense. To tell you the truth about the whole thing, thse things have already crept into the Church. The wedding ring was not the cause of it to tell the truthof the matter, the problem came when the leaders of the Church started letting other religious leaders do thing from the pulpit and the people saw that they had on not just rings but necklaces as well and some of the younger pastors said that it was okay and GC went along with them. There are things that I could tell you but I will nopt because I do not want to discourage you.
Thats why I am using the scripture to show that the more important issue is to get the people to know Jesus and when they have a true relationship with the Lord the things like rings and other jewelry will come off automatically. They forced my wife to take off her ring and now she has it back on, but there are times that she will take it off and each time the off period gets longer and longer in between the wearings. We can run away souls by being so right winged and we are held accountable for each soul that we run away from God.
I think you wife is wise. One does not need to always wear a ring. For instance .... when you go to church it is not necessary. But when you go out into the general public ... you want to witness to the fact that you are married. And to do otherwise .... would create the wrong impression.
what if, instead of a wedding ring made out of gold or silver, it was filing your teeth into
points, getting your tongue forked, or wear only the color black because we are married, would we fight for it?
what about if it's tradition to cut off a toe as permanent proof of marriage?
would we fight for the tradition then?
That is called taking the very message that was sent out of context to try to make a moot point.
This is exactly what I was refering to when it comes down to the wedding ring. The absolute answer is this, it is not a sin to wear a weding ring as long as it is modest and does not overshadow the Jesus in you. General Conference started this because the rest of the world wears a ring and they wanted to be totaly different, that is more than likely why a lot of Adventist ministers are fooling with the single and married women in the Churches today. Lets see what type of response this gets from those hard core Adventist.
How do you take the verses I listed off another source in this page of the discussion ... look for the 10am one

I don't think anyone is judging. Only building cases for, or against, without determining the end of another.

I agree the relationship is the most important part.
the question wasn't will i go to hell if i wear jewelry.
It was if a wedding ring is NECESSARY.


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