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Is it not an ornament ? how about a 3000- 5000 U$ worth a wedding ring. Do we still glorify God with this?

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If you are mentally married to someone, you will behave like a married person in front of everyone. It doesn´t matter what others think about you. The thing that matter is what you reflect and how you act. Nobody will have to read your mind, they will notice that you are a married person, because you act and behave like one.
Okay ... two people are standing in a line. There is no behaviour ... just two people standing. One of them tries to hit on the other because they see NO ring. What an embarrassment to discover a "behavior" that indicates the person is married. Hardly seems fair.

If you think behavior is a good barometer ... I've got a bridge I would love to sell you.
Depends on you.You are the one who have to be clear enough that you are married, not the other one trying to hit on you. If you are pretty clear about it, it´s not going to be hard to say just "I´m engaged" or "I´m married". By the way, I don´t get your point N Him, if two people are standing in a line like you´re explaining and one of them is married, with or without a ring, depends on your attitude about it. If you want to play his/ her game you will, and it has nothing to do with the ring thing. Also if you want to stay loyal to your spouse.
And God would hand out rings.
You know, what you wrote reminded me of something. Back in college, I knew a girl or 2, that would wear a ring on their ring finger and tell people they were married when they went out if they did not want the attention that night.

But thats bearing false witness.

Let your no be no and your yes be yes is by far better than wearing an object with only a recent "meaning". Someone may show a ring and let the other person know they are married... ok, sure. What about saying "I'm married". Is that so hard? If it is... wow lol. I didn't know about the whole school thing though.. interesting.

I think you said it well when you mentioned its about how we behave. Someone can wear a ring and behave single. What then? Behavior overrides wearing a ring :)
By the way... Once I was talking about this thopic to a pastor. He told me that in some countries around the world, the wedding ring is OBLIGATORY... Haven´t heard about that before... Can someone tell me where in the world this happens? I´m curious about it.
Europe for one
I´ve been searching that information at the web for a long time and haven´t found it. Where can i read about this?
debating on wearing or not wearing a ring the marriage is absolutely nothing before God.what God want is your are pure or not?do use your body as a living sacrifice as the bible says?
in whatever that you do in you every day's life let the glory and praise be unto our living God.remember during the time of Aaron what the isrealites did with their ornament,did they ues them to God the glory that he deserved?
as christians we should be good stewards.conserving time ,our bodies and all the resources that God gave us.
if you are blessed in resources and finance use them to support Jesus mission .the domion we are all given to take the message to the whole world,then we will him come as he went.
when Jesus died for us on the cross all sacrifices and culture were done.may God bless us as we wait as Adventist for his second coming .amen
this discussion is healthy. i like this. so much is open for learning. even though the Bible is quite not explicite on this issue, but the discussion proves that SDAs around the world are studying and learning. i believe so much wonderful points have been stated already so i would add rather this simply.. i remember what Mrs. White said. "Christ remnant should live simple and modest lives." what you have in excess is of your disposal, but we are encourage to be "Jesus to the World". why not spend the excess you have to help those who do not have the previlege of having that "excess"- to those who don't have enough to eat, dress, for medicines, shelter, water and other needs. (Job 29:12, Deut.15:11, Prov. 19:17, Prov. 14:21, James 1:27, James 2:5, Gal. 2:9-10)
if your culture compells you for a tie or a wedding ring.. do so freely. but we are advised not to be excessive nor luxurious in our choice of rings or materials. if both of you decides not to have any it is still fine. what is important is the love between the two of you and the faithfullness you have for each other.
let me share what me and my fiancee do everytime we celebrate our anniversary for two-years now. instead of buying flowers and eating on an expensive restaurant, we go to the hospital and help somebody their. sometimes, we buy clothes to the children on the streets. and i tell you, the Philippines have plenty of street children. we do it even on our birthdays. but me on the otherhand.. i still segregate a portion of my savings to buy her nice things on our anniversary and birthdays. like last December 19, it was her birthday, and sure did, we went to this hospital and help two persons therein. at the same time, i bought her a book. "Chicken Soup for the Soul - for Couples" without her knowledge and a birthday-card and sure enough she loved the book and the card. it was fulfilling. the day was complete. (hope you do not find us self-righteous on this one.. i'm just sharing this though for something that might give you guys an idea or inspiration). In everything, strive to do that which brings delight in the eyes of our Lord.
we still in needs to talk about this or discussions?
but the manly question is that many ladies had used wedding rings like excuses for use another class of rings!in london you can see some using extra rings and no married !among Africans here you can see not like normal,but like common !


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