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Is it not an ornament ? how about a 3000- 5000 U$ worth a wedding ring. Do we still glorify God with this?

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Jesus is not opposed to rings. So, I just don't see a problem. After all ... he hands them out. :)
What's your basis on this? Any support on this from the Bible, SOP, or what? Any reference? We would appreciate if you could provide one...
Good point. This Sabbath one of the main participants had a big neckless and large rings. At first it was a distraction. But then I thought of what a blessing to see this person participating. Praise God that our churches are putting these people to work praising God. Those of us who don't like the hair styles or wigs of some or rocks around their necks or hands ... will just HAVE TO DEAL WITH IT. Perhaps we should pray to God that our judgmental spirits will be buried in the depths of the sea.

and I include myself in this struggle. I honestly do.

When my wife and I married, she wanted a wedding ring. She was afraid that the doctors would make advances to her if she did not wear one. So, I told her that if she wanted one, we would go down and she could buy one, a simple band. So, we spend, if I recall, $4.95, or something like that. You know, the last of the big spenders. TIC G..

Well, starting in just a couple days, she had doctors hitting on her right and left. Finally I had to register a complain with the chief medical officer at the hospital and one of them was terminated. They thought that their way of terminating him was a little more humane then the way I suggested. G I thought I had the permenant solution for it, but they did not listen to me.

Well, she had one problem after another involving her wedding ring. Finally one day, in an appeal at an evanglalistic series to give to God anything that was standing between the soul and God, she put her ring into a tithe envelope, with no name, and turned it in. That night when the offering was counted, there was her ring. I did not know she had done that. The senior pastor asked me: "Ray, what in the world do we do with this?" While I recognized her ring and was rejoicing inside, I did not say a word. I told them that it was the "widow's mite" and to see if they could sell it.

From that point on, her problems in that area came to an end.

As mother use to say: "If you act like your married, you don't need a ring." That is still good advice.

Maranatha :)
Excellent thoughts. In some situations it is indeed needed. In others it is optional but always helpful. And then there are the individual concerns of the couple. Some feel it is very necessary to show their commitment to the world. I don't find any wrong answer in this discussion ... unless you are trying to restrict someone elses freedom, needs and desires

You mean that there are not a whole lot better ways of showing love and devotion? I can think of several without giving it much though. G

I think wearing a wedding ring within societies where it represents marriage is ESSENTIAL! The wedding ring sends a POWERFUL witness to all who see you that you have made a commitment to one person for as long as you live. Not wearing one does the opposite.

When I see a couple who live together and I see that they're not wearing wedding rings I think they're shacking up together. Why wouldn't I? What evidence do I have to the contrary?

Having said that, spending thousands on a ring - engagement, eternity or wedding ring - is totally unnecessary. It's like driving a limousine instead of an ordinary car when you're only travelling to and from work. Why??? Surely only to show off that you can actually afford to do so... How is that useful?
This one's still up (discussion), interesting. Hadn't been on here much lately but as apparently I was following this convo some time back I get updates lol.

Interesting response, using words as "essential", even in caps. But, is not the actions of the pair what is essential? How they speak, how they act, etc. I think that can do by far more than what a wedding ring coming from a man-made tradtion can do, no? I'm pretty sure most everyone that gets married gets rings... for this or that reason the ring isn't doing a good job in keeping marriages together.

The second statement sounds like assuming about ppl.. I mean hey, I can see why that could be a thought :) I don't want to sound mean or anything but its assuming. Yes, I'm one of those that thinks expensive or not, its only a tradition with no Bible reason to have (at least not any that I've found and this was quite a convo way back when). I really do think the Seventh-Day Adventist needs to make greater efforts to stop imitating the world.

It is still interesting to read a variety of replies :) I hope nothing I've said offended you or anyone else that may get an update now as well who may disagree with me (which is fine).

Good points w/ that last group of statements by the way. I believe this price thing can apply to much as well.
The point I was making Jose, was that NOT wearing a ring makes people think the couple is living together without being married. So wearing a ring is essential to avoid that kind of poor witness.

(And no, absolutely no offense taken! LOL...)
I'm glad, I do try to pick my words carefully :) But, sometimes I could do better.

Well, yes, a ring can let someone know they are married. I've actually even had female friends in the past wear rings, being single, only so that some guys wouldn't bother them... these days that does very little to stop much though. I like to think about of how people may have been before the wedding ring came to be not even that long ago. I wonder if ppl were more faithful to each other in the marriage too, b4 the wedding ring. Just me being curious :)

I guess I'm just one of those that still think actions speak louder than words, or material symbols.
Quotes from EGW? Evidence of NAD compromise? Please expand.
Andrea, I agree. The world does not know our doctrine, and so judges us by it's standards.

We are also supposed to be an example, and if, through misunderstanding, we are judged hypocrites because we're going to church but "living together," this is not a timely example.

The ring does not need to be expensive or ostentatious. It just tells the world that we are joined in matrimony, not living together, as so many are these days.


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