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some people said here once, in my country, that EGW said that people shouldn't take pictures or possess cameras, so what one of the people did - he sold his camera. (i haven't read this by myself, so i don't know for sure) at some places it's said for a black person not to marry a white person - is that the way it should be? there was a context for this. we should consider the context, time and situations when something was said and see why it was said. and we should see what the principles are, behind whatever is said.

EGW writings are great and valuable, and Christmas is nice, if Christ is put in the centre of it (though it should be that way every day not just once or twice a year), but we should be careful that we do not do idolatry, be it concerning some celebration, something that's written or whatever. it's even possible to have God Himself as an idol. idolatry - that's something that closes one's mind and makes one a slave. God created us with our minds and with straight access to Him. overall, let's use these, especially the last.

finally, God in heaven will ask only about your relationship with Him and how you have been a blessing to others. if celebrating Christmas makes you a great blessing to others and honours God, that's great!

Good Post Violeta.

Well stated.

  Thus to many, like a light in the darkness, stands out the fact that Christmas is not, in reality, observed

to the honor of the Saviour, but to the glorification of a heathen custom and to the gratification of the carnal heart.  Consequently, "altogether-Christians" cannot therefore consistently participate in celebrating the Christmas myth.  Indeed, to do so is openly to set at naught the Word of God, for "thus saith the Lord, Learn not the way of the heathen, and be not dismayed at the signs of heaven; for the heathen are dismayed at them.  For the customs of the people are vain: for one cutteth a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe.

Yes. There is the real and the counterfeit. We as SDAs are called by our prophet to accept the REAL Christmas.

It is more likely the SDAGC has taken EW out of context, for whatever reason, and now the churches practice St Valentine's Day. Tell me where are the EW comments on St. Val?


In context of history EW commented on the Christmas tree at a time when propaganda was circulating in the media promoting the tree following the US Civil War 1860. Before this time in much of the country Christmas was banned, or not practiced due to the popery.

EW commented we should place the tree to collect offerings for the Church. She doesn't say celebrate Christmas, Easter or St. Valentine's Day. And the entire comment can be taken as a temporary event until this church debt was paid off.


“God would be well pleased if on Christmas, each church would have a Christmas tree on which shall be hung offerings, great and small, for these houses of worship. Letters of inquiry have come to us asking, Shall we have a Christmas tree? will it not be like the world?"


Notice the opposition to the tree at the time. Continues...


"We answer, You can make it like the world if you have a disposition to do so, or you can make it as unlike the world as possible. There is no particular sin in selecting a fragrant evergreen, and placing it in our churches; but the sin lies in the motive which prompts to action, and the use which is made of the gifts placed upon the tree.
The tree may be as tall and its branches as wide as shall best suit the occasion; but let its boughs be laden with the golden and silver fruit of your beneficence, and present this to Him as your Christmas gift. Let your donations be sanctified by prayer, and let the fruit upon this consecrated tree be applied toward removing the debts from our houses of worship at Battle Creek, Mich., and Oakland, Cal.” -RH, December 11, 1879 par. 15.


"The twenty-fifth of December is supposed to be the day of the birth of Jesus Christ, and its observance has become customary and popular. But yet there is no certainty that we are keeping the veritable day of our Saviour's birth. History gives us no certain assurance of this. The Bible does not give us the precise time. Had the Lord deemed this knowledge essential to our salvation, he would have spoken through his prophets and apostles, that we might know all about the matter. But the silence of the Scriptures upon this point evidences to us that it is hidden from us for the wisest purposes. In his wisdom, the Lord concealed the place where he buried Moses. God buried him, and God resurrected him, and took him to heaven. This secrecy was to prevent idolatry." -R&H 12-9-1884


"For the very same purpose he has concealed the precise day of Christ's birth; that the day should not receive the honour that should be given to Christ as the Redeemer of the world, - one to be received, to be trusted, to be relied on as he who could save to the uttermost all who come unto him. The soul's adoration should be given to Jesus as the Son of the infinite God.


"There is no divine sanctity resting upon the twenty-fifth of December; and it is not pleasing to God that anything that concerns the salvation of man through the infinite sacrifice made for them, should be so sadly perverted from its professed design. Christ should be the supreme object; but as Christmas has been observed, the glory is turned from him to mortal man, whose sinful, defective character made it necessary for him to come to our world." -R&H 12-9-1884


There is no sin in placing the tree in the church then educating everyone about the idolatry and ways of the pagans, and how we should avoid these ways. Choosing instead to offer a gift to the church. There should be no need for a tree today.


"Therefore shall ye keep mine ordinance, that ye commit not any one of these abominable customs, which were committed before you, and that ye defile not yourselves therein: I am the Lord your God." Lv18:30


"Even Christmas, the day observed professedly in honour of the birthday of Christ, has been made a most effective means of turning the mind away from Christ, away from his glory. " -R&H 12-9-1890


Profess, because the day has absolutely nothing biblical about it. The tradition leads one away from Christ towards customs. There is no way to spread the Gospel through a pagan custom.


I can't believe we even have to have this discussion!

I can't believe it either. The writings of our prophet are very clear on this.


Why do you think our prophet celebrated Christmas by having a big Christmas dinner of venison?




the flesh of a deer or similar animal as used for food.

Since you quoted actual biblical scripture to support your opinion:

"Therefore shall ye keep mine ordinance, that ye commit not any one of these abominable customs, which were committed before you, and that ye defile not yourselves therein: I am the Lord your God." Lv18:30


Let me point out that you coveniently ignored the first 29 verses of Leviticus 18 that specify what the "abominable customs" spoken of in verse 30 were.

Out of context quoting is very popular in forums.

Some quote volumes of them.


And the biggest offenders are those who promote Ellen White. They publish volumes of 'compilations' and put her name on them.

The passage in Lv18:30 is a common theme cover to cover, including as found in the 10C, not having other gods, not erecting idols for worship, not vainly using god's name while practicing the customs and traditions of the babylonian sun worshippers.


All the Roman Catholic holidays have no biblical basis and EW never says to celebrate them. The GC, HopeTV, 3ABN and most SDA churches are in error by doing so. Thankfully there are many SDA ministries who do not have this error. They should be supported.

A common theme. THE church .  The GC .  My local church.  The members.  Hope TV.  3 ABN .  Everybody ... except for ME.  Oh ME ... I am right. All the rest of you are apostates.


I reject that attitude. But then you can take it or leave it. I believe in God's Remnant church. And not those off shoots that you are referring to.

Just saw this and had to reply. The reason why we should not be celebrating christmas is for the simply fact that it is a pagan celebration. And don't use the term that Jesus is the reason for the season. As one pastor said "How can God be the reason for any pagan celebration" Think about that.

Good Points MsMS. Jesus IS the reason for the season.

It is only due to ignorance that people don't realize it.


I do have to disagree with your thought that "most do not celebrate Him so much as the pagan side of it."


Perhaps I need to get out more. But in my community ... the vast majority do know how to celebrate it and for what reason. Even the children.


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