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It's easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a SDA to enter the kingdom of God

With all the name calling, and condemnation to hell, and judgement passing because this one, does not agree with that one, on such and such a topic.  I wonder if anyone on AO will make it into the kingdom? I am so glad that by grace am I saved through faith and not by believing with him on this or agreeing with her on that but it is a GIFT from God.

I would rather see a sermon than hear a sermon and there have been much sermon heard on AO but very little is actually seen.  I felt left out so I thought if you cant beat them, then join them.

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I agree, and I'll say I'm the first who needs reform here.  My patience is short, especially for rude people.  By beholding we become changed, and since I've been here I've seen so many rude things go on.  For example there's one person who routinely will try to turn people against another person, in public, right in front of you--will say not to communicate or be friends with a person because of their views.  Another person continually discredits a person's character because of his views--she doesn't discredit the view, but replies with ad hominem remarks which attack the messenger not the message.  Another person who posts often seems to argue just for the sake of arguing, and when he's disagreed with gets angry.  This person is rude, disrespectful, and just not pleasant at all.  I have my faults which I'm ashamed of, and in public they rarely surface, but goodness can they surface rapidly when a gaggle of ill-bred, disrespectful and rude ideologues enter the room.  I'm going to try and be more patient, forgiving, and kind.

I hear you Rob, cant we all just get along??


Such ecumenical words?  Shame, Shame (sarcasm).  Don't you know that the official teaching of this denomination is that such and ecumenical spirit is of the devil?  that ecumenicalism is a sin?

Of course then we read Paul.  A rough paraphrase of his teachings on the Body of Christ tells us that being cut off from the body does not negate the fact that we are a part of the Body of Christ, but it does cut off our contact with the head, which is Christ.  When SDAs or other denominations claim, as they often do, that they are the only true Christians and the rest of the church is not Christians at all, they have not purified the body of Christ, they have cut themselves off from it and thus lost their own connection to the head.  

The Body of Christ is the Kingdom of Heaven, which is among us and this anti-ecumenical spirit only serves to place us outside that kingdom, so you are right.  We will none of us enter in so long as this sin of divisiveness is so strong among us.  It is not the doctrines that save us and make us a part of the body (although they can have the opposite effect); it is our acceptance that Jesus paid the full penalty of our sin on the cross and still today bears the penalty of the entire world's sin in his body (the church), and our acceptance of this work redemption in us that saves us and brings us into the kingdom.  Then as we mature in the Kingdom we prove that we really have accepted this gift by joining in the ongoing redemptive work that his body is still supposed to be doing on behalf of the rest of the world.  You cannot do this work by doing all you can to cut them off.  All you do by such work is prove you never really were a part of the body in the first place, or that you are still refusing to grow up in that body.

It is not ecumenicalism that is a sin; it is the anti-ecumenical spirit that seeks to divide and destroy the Body of Christ that is a sin.  That spirit is the official doctrine of this denomination and is regularly seen at work on this forum.  

The people get the leadership they deserve, the leadership that demonstrates their own heart.  Until the leadership of this denomination repents of such sins the whole denomination will be held liable, but if the people refuse to be taught they will always have leadership that is as unrepentant as they are.  Shall we pray for a spirit of repentance to enter this body and its leadership?  Is such a prayer exactly what you were doing with the post I just answered?

 Please do not put down this denomination. It is God's church. Do not add to the division with such sarcastic comments.


We have been told that there would be two parties in the church and there will be a rising up when the strait Testimony is given.


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