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In bible study on Friday.  I confounded the JW against their own doctrine on no trinity in the bible.  And both JW's told me they didn't have the truth in other words and that One said he was going to hell.  That he would be there.

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Yes, Interesting Andrew, I do hope you make some headway with those friends of yours. 

I have found that discussing things with JW's is fruitless enterprise.  I had one that I used to work with that denied the Divinity of Yashua.  I provided 13 pages of scripture proving the Divinity of Yashua.  All I got in return is, 'You have some verses there that might point that way, but I still don't believe it.'  They also think their Bible much like the Book of Mormons is the only scripture.  They accuse people not using G-d's name right.  They insist everyone should call him Jehova.  I pointed out that the name Jehova was a methodology of Jewish tradition not to misuse G-d's name.  His true name is Yaweh, so I pointed out they didn't even have the name right.  It is like talking to a brick wall.  It is also a good way to be pummeled with Watch Towers.

You are right Heisenberg, for the most part, it is a fruit less exercise. But there is sometimes some that will listen to sound biblical arguments. The point you bring up about God's name tells you how most of them do not think for themselves. And it is as you say by the best-known interpretation Yahweh not Jehovah as they persist in calling the almighty God of creation. If God had made it an important thing about saying His name correct I am sure God would have made it known in the Bible. As their religion is very works oriented they fail to understand God does not look at the words we say but what is in our heart.     

True.  They believe in a literal 144,000 and only those may participate in what Yashua ordered us to do in Remembrance of Him with the unleavened bread and non-fermented wine.  They actually set it out.  And then if anyone approaches to participate, they actually laugh at them.

JW's are serious about their faith, unfortunately and very sadly they are not serious about Yashua Messiah- Many of them.  I didn't find any worthy, but did make some small headway in individual truths in individuals.  Not a full message acceptance.  That's ok I go on to the next person(s) that are seeking God through Yashua Messiah.  I dusted my feet none worthy.  Only My wife and I are both very close to being worthy of salvation.  Under the precious blood of Christ.

None of us are 'worthy' of Salvation, it is a gift from Yashua to us.  Scripture tells us our righteousness is as filthy rags  The cultural connotation would be rags used in a woman's monthly period.

Yashua gives us the worthiness or we couldn't enter heaven unworthy.


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