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Jehovah's Witnesses... Do You Minister to Them When They Come to Your Door?

Ok so I am back from my hiatus! It feels good to be back, I missed you all dearly =] My question is when Jehovah's Witnesses come to your door with their Watchtowers, and other literature do you minister to them? Give them literature for the SDA faith, or simply just say I am not interested and close the door? I am not trying to bash their religion in anyway, nor do I wish to make anyone stumble while on their Chrisitan Walk. I just would like to hear some feedback from those on this site. I remember a while back during a Bible study I went to at my friend's church, one of the women said Jehovah's Witnesses came to her door to witness to her. She said they tried to give her their literature and in return she tried to give them her pamphlet from her church (they wouldn't take it.}. But anyway what do you all think about ministering to Jehovah's Witnesses or at least sharing with them the truth about the Sabbath?

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I have got this pink too but the edition is 1940! In my idiom "Listening the Greatest Teacher...
Perhaps you should start at the beginning, which is to establish meaningful strategic alliances. This we've referred to as a foot in the door.
If you have 'friends in high places', you will be provided with access that others who have not EARNED the TRUST
of those you are attempting to win, cannot benefit from.
Jesus gave us the keys in his life and teachings. He was a magnet because He was selflessly pursuing the benefits of those around Him, by doing good to all and sundry, improving the lot of all who came within the circle of his influence.
Perhaps we should begin by sincerely forging genuine friendships with these 'brethren' before we could attempt to convert them to our points of view.
This not belong to this topic here, but I have many friends among them! Good guys, good neighbours, good employees, good employers, low divorce score ,(10 times less than SDA) , and when I couldnt provide food in my tble cos my Boss was bankruptcy, SDA not help me ( my own church) but they did! I had food from them! They dont know the true, but preach more than us, and keep christian attitude more than us too!
You are so right bennett I agree! They are very Christian like and a very helpful group of people. I am sorry to hear about your situation with the church and how they didn't help you in your time of need. I also like to add on the flip side that someone was telling me ( I have never seen this) that JWs are really faithful to their beliefs in terms of: Not celebrating birthdays, holidays,etc. But when it comes to other things like music, drinking, etc. they are quite secular.
Yes,they are secular, but just a bit! And we are more secular cos many from us, love rock music, secular music, violent moves, expensive appliances, we need to change soon! I repeat that we have more than 20 times more divorce cases than them! I m quite sure that they will heard the call "come out people mine" soon!
If we should preach like them, we should be enjoying the millennium now!
I believe the reason why their divorce rate might be lower than SDAs, is because of their disfellowshipping rule. Especially when it comes to non-scriptural divorces, so it could be a deal with the bad marriage or get disfellowshipped and shunned by all your old friends and family members. There are a lot of things that JWs could get disfellowshipped for which could also be the reason behind the way they act like they do. There is no such rule (not that I know of) that SDAs or other Christian denominations carry. Also with preaching they have a rule about that too, they have to go out and witness to others they have to have so many hours at a time.
They are involved! Old proverbs: "Whom works, it not bring troubles"
Since 1970, I have received them stocking at my door, I spend time to talk with them, but no works...I m nice with them!


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