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Hello :) I just need clarification over a few queries on this...
AA 259
The voice of the Archangel and the trump of God would reach the sleeping ones, and the dead in Christ should rise first, before the touch of immortality should be given to the living.
1 Thess 4:16-18.
The other case Jesus is referred to as an archangel is Jude 1: And it refers to the contention of the Chief Angel with the Devil over Moses' body. Therefore, from the Bible only, direct wording, it looks like the role of the Archangel was and is to deal with immortality of the saints.
CG 562 the TRUMPET of the Archangel will soon startle the living and wake the dead.

But there's still one more...
RC Chap. 76
...but heavens Prince, the Archangel, Michael, was sent to turn the heart of the stubborn king to take some decided action to answer the prayer of Daniel.
Now this text has nothing to do with resurrection.

7ABC Appendix C
Angel and archangel, cherubim and seraphim, joined in the chorus of victory (over Jesus' resurrection)

ST Sept 14 1882
The fact that he was an archangel, glorious and powerful... (Referring to Satan)

Therefore, Jesus is not the only archangel. So who/what is an archangel (by what - the role)? Is Jesus referred to an Archangel when dealing with man's salvation in however angle?

Or are archangels those close to the throne of God? So are Cherubim the archangels, and Jesus being an Archangel too not because He is one of the cherubs but (lol why? - only because He is the "Angel of the covenant? Mal 3:1, PP 252) ..?
If cherubim are archangels so that would make 3? If more, what justification would others be added by?
There are some things we'll only get to know in heaven, still, I'd just like to know what can be known now...

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The word "archangel" means "Lord of angels", or "Lord of Hosts".

There is no such thing as "an archangel".  There is only "the archangel".

Jude 1:9    Yet Michael the archangel, when contending with the devil he disputed about the body of Moses, durst not bring against him a railing accusation, but said, The Lord rebuke thee.  

Thes 4:16    For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first:  

The most problematic thing about this topic is one misinterpretation:

"..Michael, one of the chief princes..", (Daniel 10:13).

It really should read: "..Michael, the first of the chief princes.."

God bless you in your search for truth.

Thankyou so much rush4hire!

That link post is so insightful about the Might of Jesus.

I'm not so comfortable with one thing though, which is:
" The idea of multiple archangels comes from mythology and is not supported by Scripture."

A search of the compilation of Ellen White - some references support the existence of other archangels, (but clearly not as mighty as Jesus the Archangel). The references are all in the question I asked...
The link also brought up that "archangel" means "Highest Messenger". I've checked the Greek translation, and thanks, I agree, as it translates to "chief messenger". So with that info, I'm thinking the answer to one of my questions could be that archangels are the highest/chief messengers among other angels...
I wondered about this when I came in the church because we claimed that when Jesus is called an archangel it just means that he is head over the angels. But in Hebrew literature there are at least seven archangels in heaven of whom Gabriel is one & they are the chief angels in heaven. It is true that Jesus is above the others but it appears as the scriptures say "Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today , & forever." Just as he dwelt among men when on earth, he walks amongst the angels in heaven as their leader Michael. Maybe the number seven is in reference the the seven spirits of God before the throne. Rev 4:5, 5:6
Hello Barry :) that's which chapter of Hebrews? I'd like to have a look.

Jesus Christ and Micheal the Archangel two separate beings, one will. 

The matter of Micheal the Archangel being a designation for Jesus Christ is a charged one for sure. For any who are comfortable with the complete equation of Jesus Christ = Micheal the Archangel. I wonder if you'd ever be comfortable with raising a prayer to this esteemed Angel? I once heard the main prayer during a church service addressed to Micheal the Archangel. My ears were burning.

We need to remember that the writings of Ellen White are informative not definitive, as if the matter is settled. So whatever EGW quotes may speak to the matter are contributions to the discussion, but are never to serve to silence Biblical study and dividing of truth.

The Bible identifies Angelic principalities that serve as "Prince of the kingdom of Persia" (Dan 10:13) and the "Prince of Greece" (Dan 10:20), Prince of the Air (Eph 2:2). These principalities and rulers are mentioned cause of participation in skirmishes within the great controversy. However, I think it wouldn't be a stretch to assume that these mentioned only a sample of the principalities, powers and rulers that are at work on earth and throughout God's created realm.

It is my opinion currently (subject to review, discussion and revision etc...) that Micheal is the principality/prince of the descendants of Jacob the children of Israel, the Jewish Nation (Dan 12). A prince who has emptied himself of all notoriety, all recognition and has folded his will within God's will to such an extent that he has become less and God in Christ has become greater still. So that we all think that Michael must be Christ. Look he does just what Christ would do. That's right he does.

I disagree my brother, EGW writings are authoritative, not her speaking but God speaking through her. That is to say our opinion or interpretation does not trump the inspired writings of God (SOP).  There is not one principal written by her pen that runs contrary to scripture.

I am now looking over my diaries [See Footnote, p. 32.] and copies of letters written for several years back.... I have the most precious matter to reproduce and place before the people in testimony form. While I am able to do this work, the people must have things to revive past history, that they may see that there is one straight chain of truth, without one heretical sentence, in that which I have written. This, I am instructed, is to be a living letter to all in regard to my faith.—Letter 329a, 1905. {3SM 52.2}

The second point is that Michael is Jesus.  We can gleam this clearly from the Bible and  both SOP and major respected protestant bible commentaries outside Adventism, such as Matthew Henry, John Wesley, and John Calvin to name a few .

This is not a new teaching in protestantism but dates back to Martin Luther in recorded history (maybe further).  The new teaching is the Catholic theology, in origin, that Michael is NOT Jesus. 

Martin Luther writes:

Verses 1-4 Michael signifies, "Who is like God," and his name, with the title of "the great Prince," points out the Divine Saviour. Christ stood for the children of our people in their stead as a sacrifice, bore the curse for them, to bear it from them. He stands for them in pleading for them at the throne of grace. And after the destruction of antichrist, the Lord Jesus shall stand at the latter day upon the earth; and He shall appear for the complete redemption of all his people. When God works deliverance from persecution for them, it is as life from the dead. When his gospel is preached, many who sleep in the dust, both Jews and Gentiles, shall be awakened by it out of their heathenism of Judaism. And in the end the multitude that sleep in the dust shall awake; many shall arise to life, and many to shame. There is glory reserved for all the saints in the future state, for all that are wise, wise for their souls and eternity. Those who turn many to righteousness, who turn sinners from the errors of their ways, and help to save their souls from death, james 5:20, will share in the glory of those they have helped to heaven, which will add to their own glory.

Add to this that the prophet makes it pretty clear that Michael is Jesus, settles the issue.

God Bless,


And to the comment above, and please correct me if I'm not on target here Barry. But Bwayla I think that he was referring not to the Book of Hebrews. So it's not a matter of which chapter in the book of Hebrews.

But  "Hebrew Literature" as in Jewish authors with writings not included in the protestant canonical Bible (this is the bible collection in common use although the Orthodox and Catholics has a wider encompassing collection) . Jewish writings and the apocryphal books associated with the Bible (Book of Enoch etc), do have a lot to say about angels and archangels. All of these writings could rightly be thought of as judeo-christian lore/mythology. Different people assign different levels of validity to these extra books.

The Bible has remarkably little to say on the subject of the archangels so you can be assured that most of the teachings on the subject are the traditions (opinions) of men taught as the law of God.  Ellen White isn't much help either.  I don't have the references at hand and no easy way to check but there are a minimum of two references to the archangel Micheal, one of which she says this is Jesus and one in which she says Micheal is not Jesus.  So from here we have two exact opposite statements and nothing else she says on the subject can be considered reliable for that reason.


What is definitive from scripture is that the word archangel appears only twice, 1 Thessalonians 4:16 where we are told the archangel is the entity who will call forth the dead, and Jude 9 where we are told that it was Michael that raised Moses.  Michael is identified in scripture elsewhere; three in Daniel and one in Revelation.  In Daniel 10:13 and 21 Michael is identified as one of the chief princes, which means he cannot be Jesus since he is one of a number of equals.  He is also identified as Daniel's prince.  Most believe this means he is the angel that was the Prince over Israel.  Gabriel was fighting the Prince of Persia, a demonic prince that many believe is Apollyon/Abaddon. of Revelation.  I cannot speak with certainty for the truth of this identity but it seems reasonable.


I don't know of any specific scripture on the matter, but it is general belief that the angels and demons that fight each other must be of equal rank. Indication of the rankings on the "evil" side are found in Ephesians 6:12.  "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."  There appear to be three, maybe four levels of the hierarchy listed here, but maybe only two, depending how the verse is interpreted.  Romans 8:38 also makes reference to principalities and powers.  The evidence of these verses is that the Prince of Persia is one of several principalities.  Since Gabriel was fighting the Prince of Persia Gabriel must also be a Prince, and he said Micheal is a prince.  Thus it can be assumed that Michael and Gabriel are equal in rank provided the assumption is true that angels can only fight a demonic power of equal rank.  If it is not true we have absolutely no Biblical information to go on and almost everything any "specialist" on the subject teaches is pure speculation.


One other thing we do know from the Bible is that Micheal is the archangel of the Resurrection.  Jude tells us this, and Daniel tells us this in 12:1.  Michael delivers all those whose names are written in the book of life and most of those people are already dead, so Michael must resurrect them to deliver them.


Certain additional assumptions are made based on the information I have presented plus some other detailed studies.  It was the angel Peniel that led Israel out of Egypt.  Peniel's name means presence of God or face of God.  This is the angel that Jacob fought at Penuel the night before he faced Esau on his return from Mesopotamia.  When Israel refused to enter the Promised Land at Kedish Barnea God told Moses his presence would no longer accompany them but instead they would be led by his angel.  God's presence is said to be this angel Peniel whose name means presence of God.  This angel was going to lead the people in from the south without death and resurrection symbolized by crossing the river Jordan.  The teaching is that Michael was the Prince of Israel in Daniel's day because Peniel was replaced with him at Kedish Barnea.  Both are archangels but one brings people into the kingdom through death and resurrection but the other is who brings people in alive though translation.

LOL! O Yeah, "Hebrew literature!!" I see! And here I was excited that the Bible said more... Thanks for pointing that out.
I believe that as we search the bible, and things are not easy to understand, we can turn to the Spirit of Prophecy to help us understand things better. Especially if it is a topic that does not require the consideration of "time and place". For instance, I appreciate the story of the rebellion in heaven and the fall of man much better because of some answered questions that further explained the Bible in the SOP writings.
Therefore, in this case, something is mentioned in SOP that I believe may be found in the Bible with much search. And this is what I'd like to find. If this is the limit, ill accept, I've learnt more about God and continue learning in heaven, but if not, I'm thirsting for more.
Why must we assume or be in darkness if the lesser light has some information that could help us with the greater?
So I do agree the writings shouldn't silence the Bible, but must be considered for that's why the writer was inspired by God. Yet its necessary be careful that we aren't forcing the words to mean what we want them to...

Yes actually, Dan 10:13 "one of" could imply if Jesus were Michael, He is not the only Chief Prince. Also could imply that Michael is equal to the rest and so cannot be Jesus.

But when SOP chapter 31 on the death of Moses clearly states that Michael is Christ, and then we see the few times He has been mentioned in the bible and their importance, it worries me that we're not sure...

Kindly place the quote or book -if possible- where it was said that the Archangel Michael is not Jesus? I'm having problems finding it. Maybe there r 2 Michaels wrt that statement (which may be considered only because that statement - for now)?.

Thanks for bringing to light about the Angel that fought with Jacob, and the Angel leading out of Egypt, ill study that too.
Uuuhhhmmm, Br Robertson...... thanks for helping..... Sorry, it was a little rash for me to say
"Maybe there r 2 Michaels wrt that statement (which may be considered only because that statement - for now)?"
without first reading the statement...

So Ellen White saw what she called "angels and archangels".  Weird.

He hears angels and archangels magnifying that glorious name.   {3SP 440.2}

Angels and archangels wonder at this great plan of redemption... {3MR 19.3}  

Cherubims and seraphims, angels and archangels, are watching the battle that is going on in this life.  {1SAT 241.1} 

Unfortunately there's nothing like this in the Bible.  Only angels, cherubim, seraphim, covering cherubim.

Not sure why she uses the s at the end to make it plural.  That's not correct.  Cherub / cherubim, seraph / seraphim, are the correct singular / plural forms of those words.


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