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Hello :) I just need clarification over a few queries on this...
AA 259
The voice of the Archangel and the trump of God would reach the sleeping ones, and the dead in Christ should rise first, before the touch of immortality should be given to the living.
1 Thess 4:16-18.
The other case Jesus is referred to as an archangel is Jude 1: And it refers to the contention of the Chief Angel with the Devil over Moses' body. Therefore, from the Bible only, direct wording, it looks like the role of the Archangel was and is to deal with immortality of the saints.
CG 562 the TRUMPET of the Archangel will soon startle the living and wake the dead.

But there's still one more...
RC Chap. 76
...but heavens Prince, the Archangel, Michael, was sent to turn the heart of the stubborn king to take some decided action to answer the prayer of Daniel.
Now this text has nothing to do with resurrection.

7ABC Appendix C
Angel and archangel, cherubim and seraphim, joined in the chorus of victory (over Jesus' resurrection)

ST Sept 14 1882
The fact that he was an archangel, glorious and powerful... (Referring to Satan)

Therefore, Jesus is not the only archangel. So who/what is an archangel (by what - the role)? Is Jesus referred to an Archangel when dealing with man's salvation in however angle?

Or are archangels those close to the throne of God? So are Cherubim the archangels, and Jesus being an Archangel too not because He is one of the cherubs but (lol why? - only because He is the "Angel of the covenant? Mal 3:1, PP 252) ..?
If cherubim are archangels so that would make 3? If more, what justification would others be added by?
There are some things we'll only get to know in heaven, still, I'd just like to know what can be known now...

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Bwalya, one of your first references is 1Thess 4:16, which mentions the voice of the archangel. That the voice of the archangel is Jesus' own voice, becomes apparent in the statement:

"Verily, verily, I say to you, The hour is coming... when the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God: and they that hear shall live." (Jn 5:25)

Remember too, that when Joshua spoke with "the captain of the Lord's host" (just outside of Jericho), Joshua quickly acknowledged the divinity of this "angel".

The definitions given by Rush4hire for the word "archangel" are "Lord of angels" or "Lord of Hosts". The Captain or Lord's host was indeed the Captain or the Lord of angels, which is to say "the Archangel". .

Jay, I've just seen your comment. Thanks. That settles it for me. Thankyou too Stewart, I'm glad to have a direct "line upon line". Rush4hire thanks for the definitions. I think I'm content.


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