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You can re-word Santa to spell Satan.

Some Christians argue that Santa is taking the place of Jesus during Christmas.

Santa represents "materialism".

Jesus represents "selflessness".

Santa requires "obedience" and "good works" in exchange for gifts. (Salvation through works)

Jesus already gave the Gift with no "requirements" attached. Obedience and good works come as a result of faith that grows through a love relationship with Jesus because of gratefulness for this Gift. (Righteousness by Faith)

Who do you believe in: Jesus or Santa?

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I believe that Faith and Obedience both have their place.
For one thing... Nicholas has been dead for over a thousand years, so maybe we should cut him some slack. I wouldn't want someone hundreds of years from now calling me Satan because I was a generous person. And I'd hardly say he was materialistic... as I said, he was quite generous and kind! And now we carry on his tradition.
You're outta control man.
ur so far from wisdom you have no shame.
Yes. I think that Santa has a lot of virtues.
Ripe for the threshing floors
Atul Thats called Babylon in America
I'm not sure why you knock down the land of the free and the brave so much. If you hate America ... why do you live here. Why don't you go to some other country. It is people like you that I wish we could somehow ban from living here. Go somewhere that you will be happy. Which country do you feel is so much better?
Hey jo jo, St. Nick was dressed in red for a reason OK It's called blood
Can yah handle the site of blood?
And I was born n bred in America in the wheat fields of Minnesota
Thats what brought America Back from WW2 and the Great Depression...
it wasnt feel good spend yourself into a stimulation of the economy.
You dont even read history. I bet you dont even crack an Ellen White book lol
But I digress. Back to the virtues of Santa. I see Santa as a uniter. He brings us together during a hard time of the year. He gets us focused OFF of ourselves and onto others. I see this as positive.
You dont even know what digress means ur so full of self
Why are you a Christian? Could it be for the Prize you will receive for being "good"? Or, are you so thankful for what Jesus has done for you that your motive for serving Him is because of love? These are questions I ask myself.

Yes, we are human in a fallen condition, which by nature makes us selfish. God understands this and so He attracts sinners to Him by offering Heaven. But once we begin to understand what Righteousness by Faith really means, then we realize that in a perfect universe, nobody thinks of themselves but of others. Our motive for doing what is right is no longer for what I'M going to get, but to serve others and more than anything to help vindicate God's character.

For those who care, that was the message of this post.


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