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At some adventists churches... I see Jewellery & false hair not worn.. At some.. I see it worn.. Now.... what does the Bible really teaches..... 


In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array;

Now... what does this mean... Is it right for women to wear.. jewellery... or even false hair?...*uncertainty*      

<If it is wrong... please give a valid reason... if right.. please do also>............   (looking forward to these replies..)..thankyou*

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oh.. and when I say adventists churches.. I'm talking SDA's.

Hi Abriella;

   For the sake of saving alot of time and typing this has been covered extensively if you scan back threads. The prophet of the Lord  also had much to say about dress and adornment. A fair amount of SDAs are either thumbing their nose at counsel and or are ignorant of it and following a culture that is in a tail spin crash and burn mode.

I read this this morning part of our devotional.

Chap. 253 - Choose the Robe Woven in Heaven's Loom          Reflecting Christ. Sept 10

They shall walk with me in white: for they are worthy. Revelation 3:4. 

Lead the youth to see that in dress, as in diet, plain living is indispensable to high thinking. Lead them to see how much there is to learn and to do; how precious are the days of youth as a preparation for the lifework. Help them to see what treasures there are in the Word of God, in the book of nature, and in the records of noble lives. 

Let their minds be directed to the suffering which they might relieve. Help them to see that by every dollar squandered in display, the spender is deprived of means for feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and comforting the sorrowful. 

They cannot afford to miss life's glorious opportunities, to dwarf their minds, to ruin their health, and to wreck their happiness, for the sake of obedience to mandates that have no foundation in reason, in comfort, or in comeliness. 

At the same time the young should be taught to recognize the lesson of nature, "He hath made every thing beautiful in its time" (Ecclesiastes 3:11, R.V.). In dress, as in all things else, it is our privilege to honor our Creator. He desires our clothing to be not only neat and healthful, but appropriate and becoming.

A person's character is judged by his style of dress. A refined taste, a cultivated mind, will be revealed in the choice of simple and appropriate attire. Chaste simplicity in dress, when united with modesty of demeanor, will go far toward surrounding a young woman with that atmosphere of sacred reserve which will be to her a shield from a thousand perils. 

Let girls be taught that the art of dressing well includes the ability to make their own clothing. . . . It will be a means of usefulness and independence that she cannot afford to miss. . . .

Let the youth and little children be taught to choose for themselves that royal robe woven in heaven's loom--the "fine linen, clean and white" (Revelation 19:8), which all the holy ones of earth will wear. This robe, Christ's own spotless character, is freely offered to every human being. But all who receive it will receive and wear it here.  
Let the children be taught that as they open their minds to pure, loving thoughts and do loving and helpful deeds, they are clothing themselves with His beautiful garment of character. This apparel will make them beautiful and beloved here, and will hereafter be their title of admission to the palace of the King. His promise is: "They shall walk with me in white: for they are worthy."--Education, pp. 248, 249. {RC 267.9}

Thank you for your reply Kevin.... but... I didn't directly get your point though.. in my opinion ... you didn't really exploit much bible verses.. to prove any point rather.. would really appreciate it if you would come more direct... to clarify when trying to edify.. In short... please show directly why it would be wrong or right to wear Jewellery or false hair.. <would really appreciate it even more if you would show mainly bible verses that directly support your opinion.... Thank you.. and take care.

1 Timothy 2:9 speaks to excessive focus on making the appearance "focus on self'.  At the time, the hair was "broided" with ornaments and jewels intertwined all in them, making that the first thing that you saw when looking at a woman ("show, form, and fashion"/attention-seeking).  The Vulgate Bible uses "ringlets and curls" in the place of "broided" (another discussion for another time).   This does not mean that women are not to "keep themselves up", but that they are not to become so consumed to the point they become nothing more than a pretty face.

Christian Women--AND MEN should know the appropriateness of what they wear and when they should wear it or not. Having nice things is not the sin, rather, dressing to impress the flesh IMHO is. How much one spends on gaining those things is for discussion, but ultimately is personal and based upon the individual heart and means.

Making outward adornment--no matter what or who it is-- the central focus can become a form of idolatry.  It also isn't everyone's spiritual issue.   We have those on the opposite extreme who feel it is their job to tell everyone else "how they should look". 

You can't tell someone to wear or not wear simple jewelry--but you can be a witness as to why you choose not to.   Throughout Scripture, people wore some form of adornment--even Rebeccah's engagment gift from Eleazar (for Issac) was an earring). 

I believe we should let the Holy Spirit do His Job and convict us and lead us.  

 Thank you for your humble opinion about what God says. Now what does inspiration itself say minus  your private interpretation ?

It goes without saying that it is each one's decision. The same was true in heaven and because of  the choices made, most  from heaven and on earth, ...will be destroyed..

You're welcome!  It is based on Scripture and study through Strong's concordance and The Vulgate--not my opinion after all....

  You said you agreed with all of FMB #18. Why is it that the part about Mrs. Whites writings being authoritative you disregard ? Are her writings authoritative and in harmony with Scripture. Why does your humble opinion conflict with her inspired writings ? 

   Self-denial in dress is a part of our Christian duty. To dress plainly and abstain from display of jewelry and ornaments of every kind is in keeping with our faith. Are we of the number who see the folly of worldlings in indulging in extravagance of dress as well as in love of amusements?  {CG 423.3} 

Authoritative does not equal authority....The BIBLE is the only authority (definite)!  When I make a decision, I may or may not consider 3rd person feedback, but rather go straight to the source, which in this case is the Bible.  Simple.

She asked for feedback and I directed her to what Scripture and the original manuscripts of Scripture say for a clear answer.  THAT is what the Christian does.

P.S.  Do you agree with the LAST PART of Fundamental Beliefs #18?

 And I Timothy is clear. You come along and add "buts"  that conflict with and lift your opinions above both the Bible and the SOP. Why do you think your opinions are more authoritative than all the prophets ?

 Certainly !   Your turn. Do you agree with the rest of it ?

 Sarah, what does "authoritative" mean? 

Look up all the text in the Bible on Jewellery.  Some texts are principles that are taken out of context.  For example, its about glorifying God with your life not yourself with jewelery. You could go by the letter of the law and not wear jewelery but put on a 25k watch.  The spirit is about this do you need to show yourself off?  God is to be worshiped not you.  Now if thats not a problem for you and you need some help with cosmetics not to bring attention but actually to take off then it is with the spirit and the legal. 

Some of the OT texts you will find may seem to promote jewellery.  Ask the spirit why and what is going on in the text. Then ask God about the rest of the texts.  Do you have an online or paper concordance? You can get studies for free from It Is Written or Amazing facts.  But its best to get a concordance, look up all the texts and listen to the Lord.  He will lead you.

"You could go by the letter of the law and not wear jewelery but put on a 25k watch."

I have seen that in real life.  It is called the "Wedding Watch" and some of them cost more than a simple wedding band ever would.  Further those very expensive "Wedding Watches" are pretty gaudy and can be the price of a new SUV.

God and I are good with me wearing a wedding band for the sake of propriety.


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