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I from the Caribbean originally, however i reside in the US. I do not know but part of my culture shock when i first came to the US is the fact that many members of the adventist churches i attend, wear jewelry. My question to you here at this site is, is it right for us adventist to wear jewelry.. support with biblical references please.

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I think it is important to stick with the Bible on this issue.
yea i agree
Thanks Rob amazing insight.. God bless

you are welcome, wish u a pleasant sabbath

God bless

Yes. Happy Sabbath all.

Why would I want to trust some man by the name of Hal Mayer?

No Thanks. I'll stick with God's Word.

Yes MsMS. I also had a good friend who attended there. It is clearly not representitive of SDA beliefs. My friend was repulsed at their legalism.

N Him


Do you really stick with God's word?  If this is true, then why do you not present God's word when arguing for certain practices?



Hal Mayer preaches with the Bible and the SOP.  At least He preaches about Last Day topics not what our local Pastors do.




What are you views on jewelry .....

Hello Rob,

I love your response on Jewelry and I would love to know where you received the information on jewelry based on the Jewish wedding customs.



"jewelry was worn by Hebrew woman as signs of authority by their husbands or parents....the wedding endowment was a priceless thing worn about the head to signify the marriage covenant....between husband and lose a single coin was bad terrible news (see lost coin scripture for example).

So if your not married (virgin) you would not wear any external jewelry at all."


I would love to know if there is a book you would recommend.



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