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Should sda's wear jewlery like the rest of the world? What are the Biblical standards for this?

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  I  have read  everything that oposes the non wearing of jewlery  by  SDA,S  now since when has being obediant become legalisim?  Is that how we are taught today in our churches that being obediant and refraining from  looking and dressing like the world  is your own individual  opinion now and to God it matters not?

 For sure when  the Spirit  of Prophecy stated that only a remanat of the remant would be saved   it is  for real for so many cant disern right from wrong anymore and  now  think to believe whatever is the norm  or of popular opinion today  must make it ok?  / WHAT is Modest to us then is of our own  opinion and  in regards  to how God sees  it well   then He is  God OF LOVE  so it matters not for it is just a little thing afer all right? 

 Can we safely  make this assumption then and be  right Spiritually with the  same  God that told Adam and  his wife not to partake of the fruit of the tree of good and evil ?/  WAS  this too just a suggestion ?? If  I remember right  is their not a hymm that goes like  leave nothing between  i believe it is called..   It has been awhile since i sang this but  1 verse goes something like this ( and  help me out here  make the way clear let nothing  between like this worldly pleasure let nothing come  that prevents the least of His favor make the way clear let nothing between ..   I sorry if i blotching it a bit but it implies we  are not to follow or do anything  that might prevent the  least of Gods  favor and trust me here Ihave done so many things that  I am ashamed of but I keep hearing this old hymm in the back of my mind   and it has  drawn me  to walk closer and remember  I cant  deal or do without Jesus  littlest  favor on my behalf ....  I too have made excuses in my past   but I know when I am wrong  and  I WONT  say  it right

.   IN  the way   I being retaught  their is no grey area of sin   if uread the bible carefuly and prayerfu;lly  along with The beautiful  writings of HIS MESSENGER   Sis   Ellen  White it shines forth the pure truth  of Gods will for us today without a reasonable doubt,   You and I    have to choose who  we will follow  and I know the  narrow road at times brings alot of pain because it is restrictive  and the  wide road sure is easier t o travel and soooo many Adventists that proclaim to love God are walking  this route and thinking to themselves  they r not wrong . SADLY  it am a confusing counterfeit and they  may never know or listen untill it too  late.  NUFF SED ! 

  sorry for the misunderstanding    Brother  Ronald I guess i chose the wrong wording   . yes   I stand corected promotes the wearing of jewelery is a better  way to put it I gues at times  I  abit absent minded in how to  say what i mean thanks for putting it back to clarity

  oh wow  torel THAT AM A AWESOME LINK  too bad though the majorit y of women in the Church today and maybe the  men also will  frown on such beauty as  a dress that does not show  a womans cleavage .. so many think it a badge of honor today t o display their assets so  all can see.  sexy is supposed  to be  important ,,  selah  that is how far the mindset has fallen today .



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