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Jews Slaughtered in their Synagoge by Hammas, While Palestine Celebrates

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I would expect deafening silence on this one.  I suspect if it would be the converse and it was an assault on a mosque the thread would be abuzz.

You sure this wasn't Andrews?  On a similar note, a teenage girl at church told my children they should be sent to a German gas chamber (because she found them annoying, and knew part of their ancestry was Jewish).  Then her father came by the house unannounced to justify the behavior.  Good old Adventists.  I am not sure I am going back to church anytime soon.

Sorry to hear this. That is an awful thing for a child to hear from other children.  It makes you wonder what they hear at home.   Nothing makes sense to me except the Bible.  Everything is upside down and backwards.  There are four Adventist churches near me and I go to the smallest with a small group of old timers in rural farm country.  I am the youngest one there.   I wish you could join us.  The other churches I know to avoid,  something tells me they are not where I need to be because of what ever is going on.     

I wish I could too.

Sorry to hear this happened to your children. This is inexcusable.


It threw me for a loop that there was an attempt to justify it as well.  Apparently, being young a noisy means those comments are okay, at least according to the father, that would be provocative enough.  It was one of those, I just got back from work and the guy pops in with daughter in tow to try and justify it.  I was a little too shocked by the nonsense to physically throw them out of my home.  But, next time I will.

Wow! Well that is just uncalled for, my sympathies for your children. Unfortunately hate always has and will exist in this sinful world.

I am more concerned over the father than the teen. Well I am not excusing it, Teenagers often times make truly distasteful jokes simply out of immaturity, ignorance, or just an "I DON"T CARE" attitude. I am in no way saying it's right, but it's all too common. The father should have been more mature and corrected his daughter. Justifying is just wrong. Who knows, the teen may have said what she said because she knew her father would back her up.

Now I will say this. I can understand how much this situation hurts. But don't stop going to church, that is what the devil wants. Not saying to go back to the church where the incident happened. But do go to a church, any church. Online, home church, or a town over. Don't allow the devil to have his victory.

The mother is the disciplinarian.  Dad is whatever feels good is okay, and I will make excuses to justify whatever that is.  I don't want to give the devil his due, I agree.  But, I really don't feel like being around the church that does that at the moment either.  Time will tell,.


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