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Many people will judge you...

but God knows our heart...sometimes people hurt you...hay.. :(

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Many people will judge you...

but God knows our heart...sometimes people hurt you...hay.. :(


yes and God wants us to forgive the offences

it is only to proportion of how we receive His Forgiveness

unforgiven Christians cant share Jesus very well

and hello ad GBU Sober heart(Kathrina Jams)

love the name n love u in it

Keep your chin up Kath. Don't let others bring you down. Keep on living and glorifying the Lord. :)

Cultivate a small group of Christian friends and be a good friend back and don't worry about other people. 

thanks everyone for the comfort.. :)


And it can happen so quickly... some people never really come down from the "judges chair" and they are always ready to pronounce a verdict. Some they condemn, others they praise and flatter... but either way they imagine that they are the judge.

I remember reading that "Satan will be judged by his own idea of justice."  (5Bible Comments p.1087.4). In a sense I think we will all be judged by our own idea of justice... and so the merciful will find mercy, but the critical and the rough will find only criticism and harshness when they finally face God.

I have seen the flip side of that.  A former Adventist pastor's wife who convinced her husband to leave the ministry.  They wanted to have a Bible study to try to put down the Sabbath, etc.  I would counter with scripture, and when we disagreed she would whine, "Stop judging me."  Sometimes people say that when others refuse to agree with nonsense.

I agree.


And yet the human tendency (weakness) is to judge things that we have no right to judge.

People sometimes say, in effect, "you did this or that because such and such...", but they are on dangerous ground. A person's motives are "out of bounds"... and we have no right to make a pronouncement on them.

"There is one thing that we have no right to do, and that is to judge another man’s heart or impugn his motives." (Evangelism p.313) Yes, we can "know" [or recognize] a person by their fruit (by their words and actions), but as far as their motives go... let's not go there.

The real reason a person does something is hidden; often even from the person who does it.


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