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Is it wrong(or SIN for short) to cook on the SABBATH?

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Bro Him,
that is the very reasoning that caused the demise of lots of people in the wilderness sojourn.

The idea that we all can have our independent views, and God will accommodate us all.

People died when the will of God was violated. There were some smart Alecs who thought that tolerance was the governing 'principle', and paid with their lives. Remember Uzzah? He had no business being in the vicinity of the ark, much more tending it. He must have thought, well after all, I am closest to the ark, I can not allow it to topple over.

When there is a clear word, there is no room for 'logic'. All that is logical is not necessarily theological. Whatever God says is non negotiable
The 'key' being "When there is a clear word". I agree with you. But God is not going to punish you for having not gone to Theology School or the Seminary. Praise God ... He knows the heart. Open rebellion is a different matter.
Do you need to eat or not that is the question?
Good One . Absolutely AMAZING. !!!
Samuel I don't know if you are a theology student or not. But that does not matter to God, and as His stewards on earth it should not matter to us too. God said 'if ye love Me keep My commandments.' The instructions and admonitions of the fouth commandment is ABSOLUTELY clear and precise.

We live in 2009 and God is a very practical God. The reference with the Isrealites and the manner collection is the perfect example of the provisions that God puts in place for mankind to ensure that no excuses could be concucted. The same is what He expects of us today for our meal preparation.

I think that some of us are not recognizing principles, but rather the hard an fast rules of life today.

Also, God did what is known as succession planning i.e. in order to count to ten, one must first count to nine and continue one more. When creation comes to mind as is spelt out in Genesis 1, God did not make man and then realized that he had no place to put him. Having said that, think about this carefully. God also specifically stated that He 'is going to prepare a place for us and then come again.
Look carefully at the pattern
Very specifically, YES it is. However, I believe that since Adventists holds lots of camps and retreats with scores, hundreds and sometimes thousands of people attending, the Sabbath meals could prove to be very very challenging to store if prepared on friday.
Sounds like we need a mini 'manna' miracle.


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