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People stop calling your children "KIDS" : In school we are taught that "kids" are baby goat!! Is you child a baby goat? 
How can you "RAISE" a child, when "RAISING IS ONLY FOR ANIMALS" 
When you say you "Raise" your "Kids", you are really saying You Raise a baby Goat; which in other words means you are raising an animal. Is that really so?

Please practice saying, I TRAIN MY CHILD/ CHILDREN

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I agree.


When I see the word "train", I think of teaching dogs to "sit" and "stay", or teaching circus animals to jump through hoops.


If I had children, I would prefer to "raise" them. To bring them "up" from a state of ignorance and immaturity to maturity and knowledge.


But in the end, it's only arguing about words. And words can mean different things to different people.



I agree lol. I trained my pets to understand me.

my parents didnt raise me

they lowered me

and they didnt train

they didnt like children and did their own things

i raised .. i mean trained myself and am the oldest and trained  my younger siblings also

JESUS raised me up from the pit

apparently this is a big issue with you and i believe if i see this post right

you are following your own convictions on this

(if indeed you are a mother)

and im sure the people who are involved with have maybe heard your thoughts on these very matters

and now you bring it here

and as adults we choose to take it to heart or concentrate on other matters

i look forward to other matters you want to bring here

im glad you are here Judy Alexander

God bless you

Sorry to hear about your story MFG. But I am proud of you for educating yourself and your siblings.
haaaa lol

Words change with time and this is one of them.

In Nehemiah 9:32 KJV calls God terrible.  This meant great and awesome at the time.



I think using word of educating will be fine.

One word for you: cabrito.

My mother tongue is not English lol and not even my second language. But I do use any words related to raise, grow, train and educate at anytime and people do understand me. It is how we elaborate things. And Judy, I will never stick up to one one to express or explain things. What do think David?.

Native English speakers will do anything to speed up their speech, shaving off syllables at all costs.

Say "kids" 10 times, and then say "children" 10 times.


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