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People stop calling your children "KIDS" : In school we are taught that "kids" are baby goat!! Is you child a baby goat? 
How can you "RAISE" a child, when "RAISING IS ONLY FOR ANIMALS" 
When you say you "Raise" your "Kids", you are really saying You Raise a baby Goat; which in other words means you are raising an animal. Is that really so?

Please practice saying, I TRAIN MY CHILD/ CHILDREN

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I can count by fingers how many times have I joined potluck?. So, I have no broad idea about it.

Withhold not correction from the child: for if thou beatest him with the rod, he shall not die.

thats very true 3D. beating the children is not educational method. If they do a mistake, you can correct them buy light punishment. For example, no pocket money this week.

And I suppose you two know better than God how to correct a child?
No one knows better how to correct a child other than God. He is the only one knows about it.
Not true at all, I was whipped my fair share during my childhood, and I didn't "act out" afterwards. I found myself wanting to avoid whatever action lead to my punishment. Your post is worldly and new age.

These people that occasionally use" time out" while the child snickers at them all the way to thy corner typically have children that no one can stand to be around. Brats !

Wow you just full of it Kevin hope no one calls ur children brats

More street talk Cindy ?

You should hear the comments made to me about my children. And they are not "why don't you teach your children something. I have observed first hand hundreds of time out kids. They are the product of the world's lack of discipline while experts think they are reasoning with the little ones. The children tend to have these experts wrapped around their little fingers and society suffers because of the confusion.

It is hilarious how people will on one hand comment on how well behaved, cheerful, and helpful your children are and how they can't seem to do anything with their children. Then they turn around and tell you all the things you are doing wrong as a parent while you observe their children climbing the curtains and breaking the China. This is not funny but hilarious for as long as one can tolerate their little darlings.

Street talk?proverbs 26:4 applies well here
Growing up, people always had complements for my parents on how well behaved we were. I can say with absolute certainty that none of us ever threw a tantrum in public, I know because my parents have told me this. We are all productive members of society right now, none of us have ever been to jail, and all but 2 out of seven have completed college. I think my parents did a darn good job.

I was thinking the same, until i saw our former pastor raising and educating his children and my whole view changed.

With love, patience, understanding, authority and being a good example and role model as parents they raised some nice and polite kids without whipping (please!!) or beating them.

I also received some slaps on the cheeks, but only with the loving and educating information afterwards why it was necessary. I learned, understood and changed my behaviour (not to avoid it, but cause i loved my parents and even as kid i hated it to bring them into such a position to do sth as terrible as hurting their loved ones) and never was mad at my parents because of that, but when i look backwards, it was not a act of power than rather a act of desperation.

Generally i don't understand why we have to put the main-focus on the rod instead on methods of educating and raising a child in such ways, that the rod will not be necessary. How about some advises about that instead of making fun about alternative other methods?


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