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People stop calling your children "KIDS" : In school we are taught that "kids" are baby goat!! Is you child a baby goat? 
How can you "RAISE" a child, when "RAISING IS ONLY FOR ANIMALS" 
When you say you "Raise" your "Kids", you are really saying You Raise a baby Goat; which in other words means you are raising an animal. Is that really so?

Please practice saying, I TRAIN MY CHILD/ CHILDREN

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Yes, Ezra we are on the same page.

  Marko, did the Lord take the low road when He disciplined Israel ?

I'm not sure what you mean here by" the low road." If you mean less than ideal means to solve the problem I agree. If you mean that the Lord did wrong I disagree. The same is true with parental discipline.

Beating the children can be physical abused rather than educational. So, it is not advisable at all.

You could take that perspective. Progressive Secular Humanism Relativism, Dr. Spock, and  the overflowing prison system agrees with you.


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