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ladies. do u think you have to look like those on the cover of magazines like cover gurl or other Fashion

magazines otherwise men wont think that you are beautiful?

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It sure don't hurt.
Do we actually need to use make up to cover a pimple??

Doesn't our Saviour have permanent scars on his hands?
WOE GOOD POINT SUEIN.. and in actuality by covering blemishes are u helping them to get better by this?? yes it is true that todays world judges us on how we may look but may I ask when do we bear our cross then?? .. ..
I have asked for honesty here and so I let all speak their peace . I do want to hear from anyone but in particular ladies minds.. .. ^ _^
we are fearfully and wonderfully made. i think that we should look our best becos we are ambassaodors for a Christ. u kno wot i find distasteful? women who dress 20 years older than they are. we dont have to look dowdy and like 'granny', neither do we have to b virtualy naked. we should dress in a way that is tasteful
u know nicole an naome You both brought up good points,,.. I been a 7th day adventist for 29 years this may in the beginingof this journey women in the church were a lot more modest in their attire n makeup was
barely seen, ...
This all has changed today in america an a broad the makeup is so thick u can peal it off like a banana peel ha! . i liked the point about being almost naked I CAN not say what goes on elsewhere and I not trying to sound like a sexist here either but my STARS IF I SENT U PICTURES OF WHAT PASSES FOR MODESTY AMONG WOMEN IN THE CHURCH TODAY ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU BE UP FRONT SINGING --- WOULD YOU SAY I doctored them up?? ..
mayb its anissue of a lack of confidence or self-esteem, i really don't kno. while i was doin my Bsc, i remember a male frend of mine sayin he never minds when i hug him cos i dont leave make-up on his shirt! i think that although sum women may have genuine skin conditions (which i think can somtimes b linked to dietary habits) it may me a case of self re-education. learning to appreciate ur 'natural' self
hi naome I only wish I knew how to post links I have a article i read i have saved taht talks about the ingrediants in womens make up made ,if u break it down and research th e fancy wordings, from many things that God dictates as unclean like sharks as 1 but not limited to this. . in some places the shark population was so low because of the ingrediant needed for womens make up max factor and revlon and loreal to name but a few had to switch to other products . in many places th eingrediant sfo rwomens make up is not liste dat all so u have no clue just waht it is you be applying to you rskin?? and then u absorb it into your blood stream too then what happens down through time?


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