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This post came to me this afternoon.  I am not verifying that it is true, however, it stands a very good chance of being so.  You judge for yourself.


The Catholic Church is taking SDA General Conference to court over the worldwide circulation of the book 'Great Controversy'.The church has launched this project-to circulate around the world, with some pictures added about the work of the papacy, pagan worship, etc. The Catholic's are not happy with it.
6 out of the 9 supreme court judges in the US are Catholics. We need to PRAY. Prophecy is being fulfilled. We are living in very interesting times! GOD Save His people!

God has many wonderful godly people still in the Catholic church that we will be spending eternity with, 'come out of her my people' is His message to them.  How we treat them is how we treat Jesus.....Inasmuch..."


With all else that is happening, i.e. WOPE, homosexuality, charismatic pressure, etc., this would fit right into the the trends today.


Maranatha :)

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While you may be right, over the years I have seen many of these so called "rumors" turn out to be more fact then fiction.  I do not believe that this is a time to come to any conclusion on the subject.  Rather one should just keep the options open and see what developes.  At least, that is what I am doing.

Maranatha :)

Kevin you are 100% correct!  I hope this thread is deleted.

It is an Urban legend and not true, per North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists--perhaps wishful thinking for some.  ONCE AGAIN, I strongly urge people to PLEASE do your research before you post emotional things like this! smh

This is not true,the Vatican can't waste time taking us to court over the book,they are to busy seeing how they can now hand us over to the judges of persecution on why we are not worshiping on their [pagan day.....



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