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I have seen suggestions on this board suggesting that the Adventist church conduct gay weddings, and other that gays not be allowed to attend Adventist chruches.  Neither of those are going to happen, so its important to discuss what role gays do have in the church. 


Church in The Netherlands Commits Itself to Being a Safe Place for LGBTI Individuals

The Netherlands Union Conference has advised all churches in the Netherlands to "fully commit themselves to ensuring that LGBTI individuals feel safe in the church." In addition, NUC leadership says it would "strongly advise against any steps to revoke the membership of LGBTI people, given the unsafe environment this would create in churches."
This statement was agreed after the recent General Conference vote to adopt guidelines for "responding to homosexual and other alternative sexual practices." 
A vote was taken at a recent meeting of the Netherlands Union Conference Executive Committee to publish the statement, which follows in its entirety (translated here):
"There is a great deal of discussion about sexuality, and specifically LGBTI individuals (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, intersex), at this moment. The General Conference recently held an international conference on this topic in South Africa, and last week the board of the world church voted on guidelines regarding LGBTI individuals.
In the Netherlands the topic of sexuality has been under discussion for quite some time, and in 2012 the delegates of the local churches voted the following: 
Following the example of the ‘Safe Church’ initiative, the delegates, gathered together in committee, charge the Executive Board in the coming administrative period to consider the problems of and concerning people with a non-heterosexual nature, so that they can feel safe in the church.
Following this vote, the Executive Committee has committed itself to ensuring that LGBTI individuals feel safe in the church. In taking this decision to heart, the Netherlands Union Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist church would like to respond to the General Conference’s recently-voted guideline.
Although we acknowledge the biblical ideal of a monogamous, heterosexual relationship, we continue to emphasise that it is an ideal. The basis of Christianity is that all people fall short of God's ideal; this is why we require God’s grace and Christ’s sacrifice. This leads to the conclusion that we, as Christians, must welcome all children of God – who all fall short of God’s ideal – into our churches with love.
We advise the churches in the Netherlands to fully commit themselves to ensuring that LGBTI individuals feel safe in the church. We would strongly advise against any steps to revoke the membership of LGBTI people, given the unsafe environment this would create in churches."

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Sin is sin, although as we discussed earlier, the sins that break the civil law need to be reported to the police so the offender can be jailed (within reason, I wouldn't report someone for violating a Sunday law for instance).  Short of that, yes, sinners should feel safe in church. 

So, committing homosexuals acts is sin.  Why are we celebrating it?

That Dutch policy does not celebrate homosexual acts, it says that gays should be safe in church.  How can anyone be opposed to that?

There's nothing wrong with having intercourse with your cousin as long as you are married to said cousin.

Actually, it is still against the law pretty much everywhere.

22 US States allow some form of first cousin marriage. Outside the US in Arab countries, cousin marriage is extremely common, sometimes involving 50% of the population.

Not your first cousin.  And heaven forbid you dig into the gene pool shallow enough for it to be a sibling.

Yuck,  cousins should avoid marriage.   Are gays the only sinners Adventists are trying to bring into the church. There are how many billions of people on this planet and gay people are just a small part of the overall population, but here we go with a another gay thread just to prove how tolerant we are to the world.

My point is, all these other sexual sins are considered vile and evil, yet, because society says a man penetrating another man, or someone mutilating their body to force a gender they do not have is somehow something that is to be embraced you have members of the church parroting the same thing.  I wonder is flotsam and jetsam of a schizophrenic society now dictates morality, or does God still dictate it?   Though, it has been predicted.  Everywhere WOPE came, so did homosexuality.

This is not surprising, really.  Once, you put aside the definition of what God ordained as the roles for men and women, then gender sexuality is blurred as well.  One sin begets another and another and another.

The sad part is, this warm fuzzy need to accept open sexual sin is condemning those who they seek to comfort.

God doesn't mince His words on the subject, and neither should we:

1 Corinthians 6:9-10, "Or do you not know that wrongdoers will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the sexually immoral nor idolaters nor adulterers nor men who have sex with men[a] 10 nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God."

We need to be saving souls, not giving them a comfortable seat to damnation, by saying it is okay for them to marry and have sex with one another. 

But, I guess the same folks who cannot figure out clear gender pronouns regarding WOPE, or refuse to, will try to explain away men having sex with men, saying it is someone gender neutral and simply means "mankind" or "human kind".  The sad thing is they are not doing these folks a favor, just the opposite.

You know we should make the drunks feel comfortable and safe by having neon lights and a juice bar with stools and a rail on the side of the sanctuary and maybe an all gospel jukebox could lead the praise service. 

Again the article says nothing about being comfortable, if that is the objective skip church and go to a spa.  I am amazed that some of you think that churches should not be a safe place for gays.


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