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I know this is what some of you want the SDA church to do, but we will not.  We are God's universal church and want everyone to join us.  Our policy of not allowing gay marriages in the church, but welcoming the couples to worship with us is perfect.


The Salt Lake Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Utah.CreditKim Raff for The New York Times

Children of same-sex couples will not be able to join the Mormon Church until they turn 18 — and only if they move out of their parents’ homes, disavow all same-sex relationships and receive approval from the church’s top leadership as part of a new policy adopted by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

In addition, Mormons in same-sex marriageswill be considered apostates and subject to excommunication, a more rigid approach than the church has taken in the past.

The new policies were contained in a handbook for lay leaders that was disseminated on Thursday to those who administer the church’s 30,000 congregations around the world. The church made no public announcement of the change, but it was leaked to the news media and confirmed by a church spokesman.

“The church has long been on record as opposing same-sex marriages,” the spokesman, Eric Hawkins, said in a statement. “While it respects the law of the land, and acknowledges the right of others to think and act differently, it does not perform or accept same-sex marriage within its membership.”

Before the handbook change, bishops and congregational leaders had more discretion in whether or how far to discipline Mormons in same-sex marriages. Now same-sex marriage has been added to a list of conditions considered apostasy, which means Mormons in same-sex marriages will be subject to disciplinary hearings that result in excommunication.

Some liberal Mormons expressed outrage online at the new policies. Jana Riess, a columnist with Religion News Service, said she was livid that children born to those living out of wedlock, as well as rapists and murderers, can be baptized and blessed, but not children of monogamous same-sex couples.

The handbook had already explained that a disciplinary council “may be necessary” for Mormons who engaged in “homosexual relations.” The new policy said a disciplinary council was “mandatory” for Mormons in “same-gender” marriages and “may be necessary” for same-sex couples who are cohabiting but not married.

Disciplinary councils are convened for Mormons accused of serious transgressions, including murder, rape, sexual abuse, adultery and apostasy. A disciplinary council is a formal church proceeding that can result in excommunication.

The church also added a section to its handbook that said that “natural or adopted” children of parents living in same-sex relationships (whether married or cohabiting) would not be blessed as babies or have a naming ceremony. These children are also excluded from baptism, which usually occurs at age 8, and from ordination into the priesthood, which Mormon males qualify for at age 12. The children also will not be recommended to serve as missionaries, which is a rite of passage for many Mormon youths.

Under the new rules, a child of a same-sex couple may join the church only after age 18 by meeting these conditions: He or she commits “to live the teachings and doctrine of the church and specifically disavows the practice of same-gender cohabitation and marriage”; does not live with a parent who is in a same-sex relationship; and receives approval from local church leaders and the church’s First Presidency — the uppermost leadership of the church.

John Dehlin, a gay rights advocate who is straight and wasexcommunicated earlier this year, said, “The inclusion of same-gender marriage as specific grounds for apostasy is surprising only because it really paints the church into a corner, and leaves them less room to slowly finesse a change over time.”

“Progressives were still holding out hope, but many feel that this closes the door on future change,” said Mr. Dehlin, the founder of Mormon Stories, a popular podcast and online gathering site for Mormons critical of their own faith. He predicted that the new policy would “trigger a huge round of excommunications for legally same-sex married Mormons.”

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Jason, here is the text you are looking for:

Galatians 3:28New International Version (NIV)

28 There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

We are all one in Christ and our church is open to everyone.

Yes salvation is for all, and all sinners are called to come out of Babylon, but they are to leave babylon behind when they come, otherwise we would have baptized paganism , just as Constantine did.

As Adventists we do welcome everyone though, as do Catholics.  There are plenty of sects such as LDS that do otherwise.

True , but we should not baptize anyone. Those who are baptized but who continue in sin, or practices which the bible is against, like the wearing of jewelry, should be made to feel very uncomfortable, don't you think so?

My main concern is Galations 3; on a practical basis it would seem to me to be okay to ask a baptismal candidate if he suports the beliefs of the church. 

I actually wear jewelry sometimes, I suspect that is why you used that as an example.

Can you stop it? An Adventist lady should not look like the worldlings right?

Of course I could.  I'm not sure I am going to stay Adventist though, I am really concerned that we are moving away from Galations 3 and becoming a sect like the LDS church.  I don't have concrete plans on what I would do instead or anything though.  

"Self, Self, Self, Must Be Served"

Those who have bracelets, and wear gold and ornaments, had better take these idols from their persons and sell them, even if it should be for much less than they gave for them, and thus practice self-denial. Time is too short to adorn the body with gold or silver or costly apparel. I know a good work can be done in this line. Jesus, the Commander in the heavenly courts, laid aside His crown of royalty and His royal robe and stepped down from His royal throne, and clothed His divinity with the habiliments of humanity, and for our sakes became poor, that we through His poverty might come into possession of eternal riches, and yet the very ones for whom Christ has done everything that was possible to do to save perishing souls from eternal ruin feel so little disposition to deny themselves anything that they have money to buy. The Lord is soon to come, and His reward is with Him and His work before Him to give every man according to his work. I try to set before the people that we are handling the Lord's money to accomplish the most important work that can be done. They can, individually, through denial of self, do much more if all do a little, and the many little rivulets will make quite a current sent flowing heavenward. True, it is difficult for all to take in the situation. Self, self, self, must be served and glorified, and how hard it is for all to become laborers together with God. Oh, that a spirit of self-sacrifice might come to every church, and thus every soul nigh and afar off might learn the value of money, and use it while they can, and say, "Of Thine own, Lord, we give Thee" (See 1 Chronicles 29:14).--Letter 110, 1896.

“Then I washed you in water; yes, I thoroughly washed off your blood, and I anointed you with oil. 10 I clothed you in embroidered cloth and gave you sandals of badger skin; I clothed you with fine linen and covered you with silk. 11 I adorned you with ornaments, put bracelets on your wrists, and a chain on your neck. 12 And I put a jewel in your nose, earrings in your ears, and a beautiful crown on your head. 13 Thus you were adorned with gold and silver, and your clothing was of fine linen, silk, and embroidered cloth. You ate pastry of fine flour, honey, and oil. You were exceedingly beautiful, and succeeded to royalty. 14 Your fame went out among the nations because of your beauty, for it was perfect through My splendor which I had bestowed on you,” says the Lord God.  Ezekiel 16:11-13

Of course I could.  I'm not sure I am going to stay Adventist though, I am really concerned that we are moving away from Galations 3 and becoming a sect like the LDS church.  I don't have concrete plans on what I would do instead or anything though.  

As your brother in Christ I would encourage you to draw closer to Christ and not worry so much about others and what they do.  Like all of us you are being sifted like wheat. The relationship you have with Christ is yours.  If you go out of the Church where are you going to to go.  What knowledge does any other church have that SDA do.  There is no where else to go except back into the world.  

ZJOut, did you read further?

Jason, yes I have read further including this text in verse 14

Your fame went out among the nations because of your beauty, for it was perfect through My splendor which I had bestowed on you,” says the Lord God.  Ezekiel 16:11


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