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A bit confused this morning as we had an Easter program, the pastor was speaking about lent and asking if people knew what this was, an explanation began on its a forty day period before Easter where we leave things behind... Having attended a catholic school the practise of lent was common, a bit astounded as to why he would bring a catholic concept in, dumbfounded.

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Please don't be.  You already know the truth.  Let the Bible be your guide.  Not everyone in the Adventist church is grounded. 

Hi randy thanks hope u and ur family had a blessed sabbath and ronald yes a pastor he tried givng communion once
Like them too we had to come up and get the bread and grape juice
Someone must have said something it didn't happen again I don't
Know if he did it harmlessly but shocked that he he mentioned and
Expounded on it
Yes 3 D he was not ordained but then was sent off to study into ministry and then took over from the last pastor the church is a termed a community church we enjoy going there as well as to another church but having been educated in a catholic school am well aware of the customs

I am CONFUSED...confused that you all think that EVERYTHING that is not Adventist is "sin" or "wrong".  WHY?

Well said Ronald i agree it's wether it is biblical @ Sarah i am confused at your response who said it was sin i did not say that BUT what i am saying is that this is a concept that is not biblical and can confuse those who are not in our church and wanting to become adventists as to what we believe, please take time to read and if you don't understand to ask rather than assume...thanks :)

Lent IS Biblical....It's a FAST for Spiritual purposes. 

Randy ordained meaning having studied into the ministry to become a pastor, i get what you trying to say though. Yes God can ordain anyone but as in the new testimont where it talks about rules for deacons and elders our church body has a set of beliefs etc. this means that we don't just allow anyone up to the pulpit to preach, not saying that those who aren't spirit filled shouldn't preach but in my opinion its safer and avoids errors being taught which are non-biblical-hope that makes sense :)

Well said, Randy!

If we understand Lent as fasting it is not wrong, what is wrong when someone tells you when and how. Fasting should come from your own spiritual walk with God and from no where else.  

SO....When let's just say a church advocates the Health Message, they are wrong. Right?

I do not quite understand your point @Sara what connection is there in Lent as in Cindy's post, and health message?

The principle is the same....Replace "Lent" with "Health Message".


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